Stanley Park, Vancouver: Timings, Beach & Places to see

Stanley Park is situated to the north of main Vancouver, also known as Vancouver downtown. There are a plenty of buses that leave from downtown to the park and from other areas of Vancouver as well. You need to Google them on the maps and you can see all the details.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is one of the major attractions to see in Vancouver. In summer, it becomes of the major tourist hubs especially on weekends because of a lot of different facilities at the park. Spread across 1001 acres, Stanley Park is entirely surrounded by water. There is also a pathway which you can follow to see the beaches and different views of Vancouver.

Stanley Park Timings:

Stanley Park is open from 9 Am to 5 PM every day. I would suggest you starting early from your house so that you can reach the park early. This is so because there is a lot to cover in the park. Here is the list of things that you can see in the park:

  • Vancouver Rowing club
  • Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain
  • Robert Burns Statue
  • Vancouver seawall
  • Hallelujah Point
  • Nine O’Clock Gun
  • Harry Jerome Statue
  • Brockton Point Lighthouse
  • Totem Poles
  • Girl in a Wet Suit Statue
  • RMS Empress of Japan
  • Lumberman’s Arch
  • The Fox’s Den (Splash Park)
  • Prospect Point Lookout
  • Zeus Beach
  • Siwash Rock
  • Hollow Tree
  • Third Beach
  • Viewpoint Burrard Inlet
  • Burma Star Monument
  • Second Beach Swimming Pool
  • Shakespeare Garden
  • Vancouver Aquarium
  • Lions Gate Bridge

How to visit the park: Tips

There are different ways to visit this park. You can either walk or cycle or skate or even come by your car (limited). I preferred walking as I had the whole Sunday with me and time was not a constraint anymore. So the bus dropped me nearer to the entrance and I had already downloaded a Google map of the park.

Do not get disheartened by the long list of places to cover in the park. There is something call Stanley seawall path. It is just situated on the edge of the path and makes a circumference around it. You just need to follow that path and you will see most of these monuments as most of these are located on the side.

While not all of the monuments are so important but here a few which I really found intriguing and worth spending some time.

  • The prospect point
  • Third beach and,
  • second beach

Prospect point:

From the prospect point, you get a very beautiful view of the North & West Vancouver along with an elegant view of Lion’s gate. Besides, you also get to see the sea and the part of Vancouver across the sea. There is also a restaurant near the prospect point. You can grab a cup of coffee or cold tea if you are tired.

Third Beach:

Third Beach is almost opposite to the main entrance across the entire park. You can enter into the water but I did not see many people preferring to enter the water. Most of them would park their bikes; take out the towel, and do sunbath.

Besides people, just a few tens of meters away, there is also Zeus beach. Though it covered with black rocks but you can still see birds, especially ducks on the beach. if you love bird photography, that’s a nice place for you.

Second Beach:

The second beach is another beautiful beach after the third beach. There is also a swimming pool nearby the beach. I am not sure if there are any entry charges there but, I saw a lot of people enjoying there. You can also spend some time there.

Tips to visit the Stanley Park:

  • Leave early so that you can cover much in the morning in the summer because as the noon approaches, it becomes warm
  • Most of the people prefer to walk along the sea walls but there are also a lot of different hiking trails. You will love them too.
  • There are only two food points in the Park so carry your own food, else you might have to walk a lot to reach them if you are on foot.
  • If you love cycling, you will see a lot of people biking along the seawall. I am not sure how they got the bike or rented it but I am sure, there must be a counter where you can rent a bike.
  • Besides the prospect point, there are a lot of other points as well from where you get an awesome view of the sea and another side of Vancouver. Do explore those paths as well even if you are on a bike or on foot.

Here are some pictures from the Stanley Park.

Zeus Beach

Zeus Beach

A jogging group in stanley park

A jogging group in Stanley park

Across Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park

Across Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park

Lion's Gate Bridge from above

Lion’s Gate Bridge from above

Lions Gate Bridge from Sea wall

Lions Gate Bridge from Seawall

Birds near second beach

Birds near the second beach

Sea wall Stanley park

Seawall Stanley park

Road inside Stanley Park

The road inside Stanley Park

prospect point view

prospect point of view

Prospect point restaurnt

Prospect point restaurant

Other Side of Vancouver from Stanley park

Other Side of Vancouver from Stanley Park

Second beach swimming pool

Second beach swimming pool

Ship Container in Burrand inlet from Stanley parkShip Container in Burrand inlet from Stanley park

Ship Container in Burrard inlet from Stanley Park

Snow capped peak from Stanley park

Snow-capped peak from Stanley Park

Under Lion's Gate Bridge

Under Lion’s Gate Bridge

Walking cum cycling trail in Stanley park

Walking cum cycling trail in Stanley Park

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