Lynn Valley Hike: Suspension Bridge, 30 feet Pool & Rice Lake

Lynn Valley/ Canyon Park is situated in the North of Vancouver across Burrard Inlet. It is famous for a lot of things such as hiking, suspension bridge, twin falls, 30 feet pool, rice lake, pipe bridge, Baden Powell trail etc. Here are the more details about the Lynn Valley.

Lynn Valley Travel Guide

How to reach Lynn Valley?

The nearest public transport bus stand to Lynn valley is EB Peters Rd NS Duval Rd. Using the Google map, you can find the bus timings. Also, check for the last bus while returning.

Lynn Valley Entry Fee / Parking charges:

There is no entry fee to the Lynn valley canyon park. You can just go there by public transport. As far as the parking is concerned, I think some parking spaces are free of cost. But, you might have to pay for the parking spot nearer to the park. While driving there, you can see there. There are signboards explaining everything.

Lynn Valley timings:

Lynn Valley is open from 7 AM to 7 PM every day.

Lynn Valley food point & washrooms:

Just near the entrance, there is a restaurant called Lynn Canyon Cafe. Though it is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays, it is open for the rest of the days in the week. Note the timing that this cafe is only open from 10 AM till 4 pm in the evening. There are washrooms over there along with free wifi. So in case, you want to download the offline map to your device, you can peacefully download it and explore the park. As far as the food is concerned, this place is not so expensive. With $12, you can get a nice meal for yourself.

Places to see in the Lynn Valley Park:

Lynn Valley Park offers a lot of places to see and explore. Here is a list of them:

Lynn Suspension Bridge:

Lynn Canyon suspension bridge is just at the entrance of the Lynn Valley. On weekends, there will be a lot of crowds usually. Most of the people want to stand to take a picture. So, it could be quite rushy. But it offers a nice view of the canyon.

lynn suspension bridge

lynn suspension bridge

Many people compare Lynn suspension bridge with the Capilano suspension bridge. The advantage of Lynn Canyon bridge is that it is free first of all and secondly, it is less crowded compared to Capilano. But that could not prove to be too true especially on weekends.

lynn canyon from suspension bridge

lynn canyon from the suspension bridge

Twin Falls:

In the summer, Lynn valley could be a nice place for swimming. Twin falls is situated almost 650 meters from the suspension bridge to the south. In simple terms, once you cross the suspension bridge, take right and walk straight. You will reach twin falls. Twin falls make a very nice swimming spot.

Lynn valley wooden path

Lynn Valley wooden path

30 feet pool:

Just in the opposite direction to the twin falls, 30 feet pool is situated to the north of the suspension bridge and at the same distance of almost 600 meters. Most of the crowds towards the 30 feet pool following the Baden Powell trail. I would suggest you to first see the twin falls and then head towards the 30 feet pool and beyond.

30 feet pool lynn valley

30 feet pool Lynn valley

The water pool is really pristine with clear greenish & bluish water which you would love. There are a lot of spots from where people jump into the pool. It is not recommended though.

lynn valley wanring for cliff jumping

lynn valley warning for cliff jumping

Rice Lake:

Rice lake is situated at a distance of around 1.4 km from the 30 feet pool and almost at 2 Km from the main entrance of the Lynn valley park. The walk is easy. There is also a loop trail around the rice lake. I would advise you to take a loop for a round also if you have time. There are a lot of viewpoints around the rice lake along the trail.

lynn valley trail

lynn valley trail

There are benches where you can sit. There will also be a lot of different spots from where you can take very nice pictures. If you want to hike in the park, keep the rice lake for the end. So that you can sit there and relax while returning.


rice lake (1)

rice lake

rice lake (2)

Lynn Headwaters Park:

Lynn Headwaters park is situated at a distance of around 2.6 km from the suspension bridge and it takes around 45 minutes to reach there without any break. From the 30 feet pool, it is around 2 km. The hike is nice and as you go further, there will be fewer people. But you can see people on this trail often.

Lynn Headwaters Park trail

Lynn Headwaters Park trail

All the time, you will be walking along the river which would lie to your left. There would also be a lot of spots along the river from where you can take nice pictures.

Lynn valley river

Lynn valley river

On the weekends, in the summer, you will see a lot of people enjoying in the river at different places. Beyond Lynn headwaters, the trail continues and it is called Cedar mills trail. When I went there last time in mid-June2018, it was closed. Please note that beyond Lynn headwaters towards Cedar mills, there will be very fewer people so it is recommended to go with any of your friends.

lynn valley warning

lynn valley warning

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