Agrasen ki Baoli, a haunted place of Delhi: timings & map

Have you ever wondered to visit water temple made by king Agrasen during Mahabharat epic era? Yes!vThis place is known as Agrasen ki Baoli. Agrasen was the name of the king who made this baoli (well). Agrasen ki Baoli is made up of red stone and has 103 steps to walk down to the well. This place was completely immersed inside the water and used to be a place of worship. It has three-leveled arched windows. These windows are the architectural proofs of Moghul architecutre. But, scenario is different now this whole place has dried up. The best time to visit this place is after the monsoon or in winter when the weather is really cool.

Agrasen ki baoli steps and well

What to do at Agrasen ki Baoli:

  • Since the place is very quiet and peaceful, you can enjoy sitting with your friends and chitchatting for long  times.
  • Expect the frequent visits from pigeons and bats.
  • If you love photography, this place is definately for you. You can show your photography skills and click photographs with perfect background and yes ofcourse you have to fool the watchman he often get cranky
    of visitors clicking photographs
  • PK movie was also shot here.. Over the steps where Aamir khan sits and beside her sits Anushka sharma
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My Ghsolty & Haunted experince at Agrasen ki Baoli:

People talk about some ghostly and haunted stories of Agrasen ki Baoli. You might experience some ghostly vibes from there specially when you go down covering 103 steps. you will see a small entrance which is the entrance to the 60-meter long well ,where you might get to hear spooky noises but don’t get afraid after seeing that place and come back. sometimes you will also experience some foul smell there due to keeper negligence but avoid this thing and have fun.

Agrasen ki baoli haunted and ghostly place

Eating at Agrasen ki Baoli:

After all this you will also get hungry so after getting exit from baoli take a left turn and you will find( just outside Parikarma), there is a Chinese van serving you cheap and delicious food and yes its chili potato and chawmein are awesome.

How to reach Agrasen ki Baoli?

Well you can reach baoli either from Rajiv Chowk or Barakhamba metro station.If you are coming from Rajiv Chowk take exit from gate no 5. and from palika bazaar go to KG Marg and walk straight and then take a left turn to hailey road and if you taking a auto driver will ask for RS 60-80 fare but do bargain and give him only RS 40-50 ,you can also opt for electric rickshaw he will take RS 10 per person and yes there is possibility that drivers have never heard of this place so give them little instructions for convenience. And if you coming from Barakhamba road take exit and take a turn towards hailey road (1 km) and take 1 minute if you going via car and that’s it you will be on your destination. Enjoy your day and add this place to your hangout list!!

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Agrasen in baoli timings:

07 AM to 06 PM

Agrasen ki baoli map location:

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  1. Abir

    hii, thank you, this is my first time in Delhi, i found most of your description of the site intact, right down to the smell, but i think that’s mainly due to the bat and pigeon droppings.

  2. Arun

    Great post.. As soon I saw the picture on your post, I immediately remembered PK movie.. Anyways later when I read your post I realized it was indeed this place where PK was shot .. Thanks for sharing..Cheers!


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