Best valentine day ideas to avoid Hindu Mahasabha trouble

6. Go to their Gurus’ lands (Beat them at their lands):

Best valentine day idea to avoid Hindu Mahasabha trouble (4)

Source: Internet (Get baba’s blessings on Valentine’s day)

The best way to beat a snake is to hide in the burrow. You need a little thinking here before you plan something spiritual on this Valentine day.
Think! where these extremists belong to? Where do they get their lessons from? Who is their Guru? Got the clue?
So, plan a day outing in some baba’s big empire (Remember PK? Bolo bhhhhhoooole bhole!) but forget not to appear as spirituality-seeking couple. You would not only get a lot of respect there but also while the world is out there on the streets, you are celebrating a peaceful valentine day in their fatherlands; seek blessings of the baba and who knows the baba might give you the solution for your marriage by calling to the God. (Remember? Prabhu! Path Pradarshit kare!)
Personally and mentally, it would boost your self-confidence and also, your love would admire you more for your courage and your bone tickling idea. Remember! a very few beat the lion in their den.

7. Go to places where Hindu Extremists do not have much access for religious sentiments:

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Source: Internet

Have you watched “Rab ne bana di Jodi”? if not you then your love must have. If neither of you then no need either. Shahrukh khan goes with Anuska Sharma to the Golden temple. So in short, love sees no barrier.
Thus, go to places where rather Hindu extremists might taste their own mindsets. Go to Dargah; go to Gurudwara; go to a Buddhist monastery or go to church for a silent prayer and spend a silent day over there. But forget not to chose a bigger religious place where you can spend time roaming around and seeing a lot of places. After all, you have to spend the whole day.

8. Again, Beat the lion in his den:

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Source: Internet (They can’t catch you among thousands)

This time, chose to go to the bigger temple like Dwarka temple, Puri temple or Rameshwaram. Even though these places are core to Hindus but extremists cannot compromise with their own religious rules here. So, just to maintain the decorum, you might get helped again and on top of that, you will get the God’s blessings too. Plan Ganga evening Aarti at Haridwar or some religious-yatra; I am sure they can not control thousands of people at once.

9. Book a far-away offbeat date with your travel guide:

Best valentine day ideas to avoid Hindu Mahasabha trouble (5)

Only love on valentine’s day

Someone like me who organizes treks and trips to waterfalls, mountains, into the forests etc, would come at your assisstance at the perfect moment. You know the linking of your love. Share it with the organizer and you are there. You are far away from the humanity where even mobile networks don’t work. You do not even hear any sound of remote civilization like vehicle’s sound or even the high loud speakers. You do not even see the electricity or human beings.
What could be more beautiful that having a natural pedicure by small fishes in middle of a jungle? Looking at the lovely stars slipped inside your sleeping bag; listening to romantic score sitting hand in hand at the highest ridge over the valley.
Unlike the other ones, this idea fully validates the need; is secure and full romance is fully guaranteed. It will not only give you an opporunity to go natural palces according as your love choice but also, it will give you something which candle light dinner or materialistic life can’t afford too.

10. Plan it yourself; Play it safe:

If you think one of the above suggested ideas is workable for you then go for it. If you think none of the above suggested ideas is workable then plan it your way. But remember to just play it safe.

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