Kumara parvatha photo blog: Images from western ghats


Kumara Parvatha Photoblog: Images, Photographs and Pictures depicting Kumara Parvatha in western Ghats.  Click here to know more about the full trek details


Dry Kumara parvatha in winterShesha Parvatha in the background in December

Evening at Shesha parvatha on Kumara Parvatha trekSunset in western GhatsHovering clouds on Kumara parvatha trekMonsoon clouds over Kumara ParvathaIn winter on the way to Kumara parvatha trekDry Kumara parvatha in winterJust before sunrise from Shesha parvatha on Kumara Parvatha trekVivid sunset over Kumara ParvathaKukke SUbramanya as seen from Kumara Parvatha trekThe town of Kukke subramanya as pictured from on the way to Kumara Parvatha, almost after 8 kms up the hill

Kumara parvatha trek, Kukke Subramanya

Kumara Parvatha trek is one of the toughest treks in the Western Ghats, South India located in Pushpagiri reserve forest near Kukke Subramanya town. Please find the complete Guide for Continue Reading →