A Rainy Night lost in the Ghats

louds cracked and lightening flashed for a while. That was the Peppy moment when I tried to surpass the human perceptive capacity. I tried recognizing the surroundings squatting inside my Continue Reading →

A Christmas Eve

t was so windy outside. Peppy and naughty Snowflakes were swimming over the air while falling on the ground at an obtuse angle to the ground. Snowflakes were shining golden Continue Reading →

What NCC Meant to Me as a Cadet?

eing a part of the NCC, National Cadet Corps is a uniquely divine, memorising and yet a Fantastico experience of my life. A numberĀ of events have taken place on numerous Continue Reading →

Peppy Prayers And the Sky Lanterns

hat was a fine and silent evening. There was nothing to be Peppy about. I was enjoying the sunset on a beach away from the city on Koh Samui island. Continue Reading →

“Dear Diary, You have to adjust more goals on Today’s page”

found this proverb fitting perfectly on one of my very close friends in our school days. He was Peppy, always full of energy, doing funny talks and he was an Continue Reading →