25 Adventures to Experience in India

Here is a list of 25 best offbeat Adventure destinations in India. The list includes adventure places to see and experience in India from the Himalayas to the Western Ghats and from West coast to the East.

India is a land of flora and fauna. Ranging from the Himalayas in the north to the Indian ocean in the south; The Thar desert in the west to the ranges of the hills in the east, India presents it, visitors, an abundant list of various adventurous experiences to be taken.

If you are not among the traditional travelers and want some adventure, here is a list of the best offbeat adventurous places to experience in India.

Kumara Parvatha trek

The Western Ghats in monsoon get bestowed with wet, cold & dark smelly woods. You would enjoy stepping over dead logs lying along; crossing water streams.

Enjoy the sun rising out of a pool of clouds next morning. When the pool of clouds disappears a chain of mountains spread till the horizon welcomes you. Experience the lightening showers, grasslands, flowers. See the fog afloat like lazy smoke. Camp under the star-studded nights. Life is calling for adventure and you should go.

Some of the famous Western Ghats treks are:

Rafting in Rishikesh

When life is left at the mercy of gallons of cold water hundreds of feet deep. Facing each rapid needs some guts and drops of rushing adventure through your blood. Shout; raft; laugh; see the world shifting behind.

Float over water over miles. Experience flow; the taste of water; the feeling of feeling the coldness of the water. Get drenched; hang on to life jacket; hold the rope and keep floating for hours. Close your eyes; lose the spatial recognition; forget everything and feel closer to eternity.

Some of the other rafting options in India:

  • Rafting in Sikkim in river Teesta
  • Rafting in Beas river in Manali
  • Rafting in Kaveri river near Coorg
  • A Plain drive Around Dhanushkodi

Dhanushkodi, the southern tip of Rameshwaram island

Shall I call it a divine exploration? Drive through the island of Rameshwaram. Drive to the southern most point of the Rama Setu (Adam’s Bridge). Experience the silent sea on both sides of the sand trail in the gulf of Mannar.
Drive through places in Rameshwaram and find the relevancy of places around at the island. Deep dive into your ancient religious history and unlock the myths.

Other plain driving options:

  • Rann of Kachh, Gujarat
  • Go for a Himalayan Trek

Chadar trek, Leh

Far from civilization where the temperature drops much below freezing point, spend a week walking above frozen river. Clad in layers of clothing, see the changing colors of the ice with each tick of the clock. Spend nights in caves and hearing the whispers of cold winds in your sleeping bag slipped inside the tent on a thick ice sheet.

Some of the famous Himalayan treks in India are:

  • Hampta Pass Trek
  • RoopKund Trek
  • Goechla Pass Trek
  • Scuba Diving in Andaman

Scuba diving Andaman

There is a roar on the sea surface. Look beyond the halo of the mighty roars. There is a blue paradise filled with a plethora of mysteries. A lot has to be explored inside the deep turquoise water: Tranquillity, peace, and secretiveness. The loud roars are purposeful, they preserve the deep tranquillity of the blue world below them.

Blue world engulfs so many “wow! These kinds of creatures do exist on earth” creatures you have never seen or heard about before and fitted in dry suits it’s not your chance but your choice which gives you a privilege to be immersed inside the alien world. Wow! the oceanic world is full of a variety of life.

Other diving spots in India:

  • Pondicherry
  • Goa
  • Netrani Island
  • Join an adventure course at HMI, Darjeeling

trekking HMI

Ever wondered to see how climbers tie their knot? What techniques they use in climbing to thousands of feet. Learn not only the knots but also a lot more.

This course includes ice-craft, snow-craft and rock-crafts; learning how to peg a tent; confidence-booster training; camping in different terrains under different circumstances. After a month, you shall not be what you were, you would be what you wanted to be.

Other Adventure Schools in India

  • Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM), Uttrakhand
  • Go for a Turtle walk for miles on Gokarna Beaches

Paradise beach

They call it turtle walk but it’s an enhanced version of turtle walk. Walking along the beach is a fantasy for many of us. Some even dream of walking under full moonlight. The golden sand, the golden moon, the golden ocean. the golden ferries. See the diversity changing from one beach to another.

See the color of water changing from one beach to another. See the shape of the beaches. See the huts, camp along the sand, enjoy the sunset in the Arabian sea sitting alone by your tent listening to some music and with a camera.

  • Heli-Skiing in Auli

heli-skiing at auli

And Wikipedia says:
“Heli-skiing is off-trail, downhill skiing that is accessed by a helicopter, as opposed to a ski lift. Heli-skiing is essentially about skiing in a natural, albeit highly selected environment, without the effort required for hiking into these areas as in ski touring or ski mountaineering.

Most heliskiers are seeking specific, pleasurable skiing conditions that are hard to replicate in the highly manipulated terrain of ski resorts: particularly powder snow, but also long descents, natural terrain contours and features, smooth corn snow, old-growth tree glades, and steep slopes.

The presence of the guide and aircraft offers protection against the risks and discomforts unavoidably associated with entering this mountainous environment, allowing skiers with little or no mountain sense to enjoy a natural environment.”

  • Drive in Sahyadri Range

Khandala to lonavala driveIf you love being a super-tramp or to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city life, you chose driving on the highway, this place is for you. The two hours journey on four lanes through greenery is mind-soothing. But never drive in winter, the same drive would look deserted. Follow the drive in monsoon when earth looks beautiful in virgin green bridal with waterfalls and tunnels adding more to the beauty.

  • Explore the caves of Meghalaya


A cave that has full-fledged itself like ant nest feet below ground level and spread miles across like ant colonies with a network of secret chambers, tunnels, halls, temples and burrows hidden in the dark. It welcomes us with a warm blow of air carrying the mild scent of stalagmites, limestones, and swamp underground streams.

The difference between the two world is just 20s of steps. By walking down these steps, you would enter into the world which has been lesser known to the outside world serving its purpose of being enigmatic and secret. The cave appears like a giant devil with mouth wide opened and welcoming you to a chamber of secrets.

Other famous caves in India:

night safari

Do you remember James Stewart as window watcher from the movie “rear window”?

Humans, being inquisitive in nature, love being anonymous and wanna watch the happenings unnoticed. So do you love being anonymous in the process of a silent watch? If you do then you are a perfect piece made up for the wildlife safari or shall I say, night wildlife safari. A safari under the dark cover of night is more or less like a “stalker-watching-action” while not disturbing the wildlife at all.

The dream of spending a night in forest bungalow would come true when you would check in and look at the vast stretches of jungle down the hill, out of the wooden window. You would love to sneak inside warm blanket; keep your eyes open in the dark and keep staring at the bamboo ceiling until you fall asleep because tomorrow is going to be an important day of your life. You are going for a night safari.

Trees, dew-laden grasses and our footprints visible on them; deciduous forest and little dying yellow grasses; you would have conquered something in those short span of 3 hours, each with their own victory in their imagination.

Famous Wildlife Safari National parks in India:

  • Bandipur National Park
  • Sundarbans
  • Rajaji National Park
  • Jim Corbett National Park
  • Bandhavgarh National park
  • Gir National Park
  • Go For Leh Ladakh Biking Trip

Bike ride from Manali to leh

So bikes kick start and engines thunder. Leather jackets; leather chaps and gloves fitted, they are ready to sail through rugged terrains. They would be somewhere far away from the civilization and the humanity.

Let the air brush through your hair and let the eyes get filled with water. You are no more traveling inside the unreal and artificial environment of a protective metal cover that secludes you from the world. You can It’s like floating over water inside transparent hollow rubber ball. You need to jump out of that. you must take a dive into the sea of another world. You have to leave behind your personal space.

These personal space get defined by your choices of the materialistic world. Drop the social and civic factor behind yourself, nature is calling out your name. So, if you want to wade through rivulet riding your bike, cross the vast stretches of dry valleys, enjoy the sharp raindrops and park the vehicle beside and spend a night somewhere, motorbiking is made for you.

  • Cycling in Nilgiris

cycling in nilgiris

When the mortal life finds its purpose of aliveness and the immortal soul finds its purpose of immortality, the abstruse spiritualism half asleep deep inside you awakens up and jolts the subconscious mind to leave behind a permanent trail in the valley of life.

The exclusive sound that is mellisonant and dulcet is crunching of gravels under grooved tires. The symphony of paddling is synchronized with air whistling into the ears. The exaltation suspends the time for a while. Time suspended for a while the psychological state induced by that magical incantation carries the body and mind along with her like parachutes suspended in the air for a while.

Sun is going down. Destination smiles at us from a distance, the silvery moon is going to be out again, the same moon which showered the cold love on us this morning.

But we had miles to go and a schedule to keep
before we sleep before we sleep.
Tomorrow, the sun would be the same but sunrise would be different;
grooves would be the same but terrains will be different;
earth would be the same but winds will be different;
Noon would be the same but heat will be different.

  • Tour to the valley of flowers

Valley of flowers

Down below and to the horizon: Only flowers. More than your eyes can count the pigments; more than you can remember; more names you have ever heard of. White like cotton, pink like rose petals, smooth like velvet, soft like a feather and shining like a color ball.

Up above?

Were the mist. Gentle and little cold.
Clouds smiling at you and peeping out of behind the hills.
Sun was light orange and so were the flowers.
Sun turned orange and so was the flowers.
Sun turned little white and flowers again smiled and turned silvery.

The romance glimpses out; getting dissolved under the azure sky.
Hold her hand; kiss her; make her feel special; present her the secret beauty of nature.

  • Do a desert camping in Rajasthan

Desert camping

 Unfold the enigma of the hidden side of your dormant life.

“ Let the adrenaline rush through your vein.
“ Let altitudes hold your breaths for a while.
“ Let the dry winds wash your shoes.
“ Let the moon soothe burn your skin.
“ Let the warm wind push your tent away and,
“ Let the lonely moonshine at lonely you.

Western ghats

little drops of rain spattering over raincoats
– fear of wild elephants (Most of the elephant herd cross the railway lines in the morning)
– lights fading out in feet away

Seam-foam blue mists are ascending along the dark hunter green forest over the ridge. As they rise little higher and meet the colorless thin air they turn into spindrift blue. When this mixed mist further rises up and meets arsenic clouds, they turn into cerulean frost. While on the earth, head of silver gray rails is shining over ash gray sleepers but the web and bullhead are rustic amid slate Gray boulders.

Mosses wearing chartreuse bridal are holding the black walls along the railway trek.The new ones look brighter.Brighter are the grasses too. Bright and light green. Look down the rustic bridge into the valley. You have almost dived into a colorful world. Top sprouting leaves are lime in color as well the new Bamboo leaves.

Bigger and older leaves are forest green and the leaves which are hidden and seldom see the sunlight are Dartmouth green.Not only this but some trees also bear mahogany and sandy brown fresh leaves.

There must be big cobwebs holding water droplets. When I would put a light over them in dark they would shine like a pearl. There is a waterfall just in front of the tunnel. In front of black shiny stones, I see many colors of the water. Albumen, transparent, immaculate, Milky and much more. There are algae and mosses plastered at the front wall of the tunnel. I can see rail tracks disappearing into the darkness of the tunnel.

  • Spend the summer in Old Mussoorie

Old Mussoorie

Have you ever been to Mussoorie? You must have enjoyed the warmth of the sun, cold winds, lonely woods, tall pines, dense spruces, silent valley and aloof ridges.  With great entrance into some classy town of old England marked with roof tins, circuitous and congested but clean-cold streets, small windows, chimney on roofs etc. the same streets would have never been so mesmerizing again.

The serenity was high there as were the peace.
The breeze carried the smell of woods.
Pines and spruces welcomed us with their conifer leaves.
Valleys sent us special cold breezes
Mussoorie was distant apart and so was Shivaliks.
It was a place where you can talk with your own and realize the presence of life.

This part of Mussoorie is at little higher altitude. And so, if the day is clear you can see the Himalayas. These streets are tacit and rare with a little quieter town.  The woods are darker where stately bungalows are interspersed with schools and old structures and the mist as always, wrapping itself up in the pine tops. Nothing could be more refreshing than this.

  • Go to Lahaul-Spiti: Monasteries, rivers, valleys & the Himalayas


Wanna go out of the world but still in the world?  Into another world- a supernal world where there was not any scrape of artificiality. As if the Mother Nature herself carved this splendiferous place by herself. A vast unending white world sphere of which every inch had been nurtured with whitened milk-like cream. Even leaning surface as if lying down under the sun and looking at the azure sky. Beyond the white world were a valley and a series of shining peaks.

Even leaning surface as if lying down under the sun and looking at the azure sky. Beyond the white world were a valley and a series of shining peaks.  The water looked glaucous with shiny strips of Isabelline white appearing over them from a distance. It looked as if there was a wet blue canvas and a painter was continuously applying silver color but someone would shake the cotton canvas and the silver color would disappear suddenly nowhere and with another sway, it will reappear on the canvas momentarily. 

To add more to it, sometimes wind will nudge the flowing water to a perfect angle for a moment and suddenly the argent reflection of the shiny sun would kiss your eyes and like a magic, they disappear into the cold air once again only you to make wait for the next instance when it would happen again.

  • Explore Goa

Kayaling in mangroves

The author in the above travel story writes about Kayaking: 

” Life jackets supported the adventure to continue on!! We started kayaking from the backwater and headed towards the island. The tides on the sides of the beach were not that much high, but the normal ones. The routes towards the back side headed up from the rocky section. The tides grew higher and stronger at the back side of the island.

The French peoples on the way stopped us from going towards that side as the path towards the other side of the island was dangerous. They quoted us as you all are enough Big Heartened for crossing these high tides. In the mid, the tides grew higher and stronger. If there couldn’t be balance the kayaks would get upside down. 

Paddle!! Paddle!!! There comes the higher one believe me the tide was so much stronger that it could throw us into the more inner part. The continuous paddle and the continuous tides hitting the rocks.

It was the hardest journey of all as we were totally exhausted. On our way, we saw Seagull nest which was as big as the bed where one can comfortably sleep.. After 3-4 hours of long kayaking, we reached the sea shores in the evening.”

  • Being the guest or Enjoy being the host

Be the guest or the host

People always like to be the guest but how about being a host or how about being the local guide? How about showing them your culture and serving them your local dishes? How about making a friend for a lifetime? how about learning their culture and their etiquettes? How about making a memory for the lifetime. 

Believe me, being the guest is easy but being the host has its own charm. Enjoy being a host-cum-guide-cum-adventure-partners with your friends across the seas.

  • Find a chance to witness the esoteric spirituality

Spiritual Journey

Does the life of a yogi call you in some way? Have you tried Smoking Ganja with sitting amidst a gang of sages at the bank of the Ganges in winter morning? Or have you tried Bhaang-Sharbat on the eve of Mahashivaratri on the Banks of river Ganges?

Have you stayed whole night awake with Hippies playing music on a beach with weeds burning and guitar playing? Sure this game is not open for all. Be safe and be in limit. Sensing spirituality is not about getting high, it’s about feeling and losing our soul. 

Some of the spiritual Destinations in India:

  • Varanasi
  • Bodhgaya
  • Haridwar / Rishikesh
  • Allahabad Kumbh Mela

Venkatagiri Durgam Trekking Experience: Fort & camping

Venkatagiri peak like cherry topping

An Over-night trek
Venkatagiri is a small town in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh.
You are required to report at police station in there before you start trek in morning
Carry sufficient water,terrain is parched and water is available at the top only.
A villager to guide to the base of the hill and a seasoned trekker to take you to the top
Sleeping bag, tarpaulin to cover bags and yourself too in case if it rains.
Carry some cooking utensils to enjoy at night
Camera and other favorite stuff

Well, Trek to Venkatagiri has always been the one of the most dry, sultry and waterless terrain. The general behavior and routine of the trekkers says that they reach the town by the morning. They have their breakfast at local shops then move on for trek after finishing the legal formalities at the police station.

Chapter one (The journey begins):

Even if you have the capacity to beat the swiftest bird on this planet, you are not going to start your trek before 9 in the morning. Before you reach to the foot of the hills, you have to cross a jungle.
Lesson: it’s a good idea to take a villager with you to guide you till the foot hills.
Facts: people get lost in the jungle while reaching to the foothills or returning from the top and they spend hours and hours in search of the correct route.

9:00 am:
we started climbing. It was a normal and gradual climb along with a herd of hardy guys moving determinately ahead to reach the destination. After half hour uphill climb, we took our first break. We were sweating shirt-full and I was in love with that moment; feeling like Alexander on a mission to conquer the world.

“woooooooooooo”- A fading but sharp-reaching voice intruded us and then I came to know that there were people from our group following us. During the climb, people use this as a sign of being in hearing range. We kept on walking through bushes, climbing steeps and finally I dragged myself to the phase 1 base.

We took rest here and tried to wet ourselves in dripping water along the ridge

The team was so exhausted that some of them fell fast asleep. We reached there about 13:00; it was supposed to be lunch break time. We took out what we carried along with us. We had some fruits, ready-made chapatti, pickles, bread and jam. We were also supposed to save food for times ahead too.  Some people decided to soak under the dripping water from the rock. It was a nice idea to beat the heat especially when the sun was high.

Water dripping along the ridge

We were supposed to reach at the top of the rock-formations we were sitting beneath, but the path was from behind this rocks. The climb was now steep and rugged. We were now passing through tall and prickly grasses.

Actually, there is an old and broken fort built by robbers hundreds of years ago. According to local people these forts were inaccessible by the soldiers of the king and robbers used to loot king and distribute the loot to common people. They built a very small fort over at the top and they used to love here. It’s unimaginable that they formed stone-steps till the fort but from the place where we rested after phase one climb.
The climb was even steeper again. And here is how you act like multi-purpose machine doing several roughneck jobs at a time:
Stepping over stones; prickly grasses biting on to your legs and screeching with your back-pack; virgin and days old dew over grasses wetting your shoes and trekking pants; you making sure that you don’t sleep off while climbing or lose your balance; you don’t put your hands anywhere to make sure wild insects don’t bite you; sweating a lot under sun; clearing the bushes in front of the you specially bamboo twigs and you move on and on. Sometimes drinking water; trying to mix electoral while walking and making sure you walk with enough pace to be in the alignment.

After continuous climbing over the step-stones we took a break after longest stretch of the trek and sat at stone-stairs for photo shoot.

Stairs leading to the fort

The next stretch was little different, There was some sort of crude steps, broken down  and wasted. it was a challenge to determine which was the step or stone belonged to the steps. Once everyone assembled in this location we started again on the steeper climb, we were climbing as one group . The climb was so difficult we could not go faster.

We reached the top… well not exactly; we could not see a robber’s fort yet. There was another peak that we needed to go. The group got into action here. One batch went with the mission to bring water. All empty bottles were collected and taken to the water source. Another group went up to survey the place for our night camp. A few people united into groups to pick woods for the night camp fire and dinner. I had enough of climbing for then and I decided to assign myself to the wood picking. After a brief climb, we were up at the pinnacle of Venkatagiri hills. We were at the highest point where we could witness the nature unfold. We reached there just in time to see the gorgeous sunset. The view around was so picture perfect.  But I also could not avoid thinking ‘Who the hell came up here to build a fort?’ and how come he made the way out of heavy stones up until the height of 5000 feet. But I do believe in the strength of the primitives.

Vivid and foggy sunset

Chapter 2: when the night unfolds and the evening sets down

By now the group that went for water had come back with water and almost instantly the water was all gone. Next thing in the agenda was to make soup, but lighting up the fire was the next biggest task. Anyway, after 10-15 minutes of struggle, we were successful in lighting up the fire. The weather was already, by then, getting brumous and believe me if you left anything open under sky for few minutes, it was going to be found wet then.