Who Am I? Where Has The Life Navigated Me to?

ature has always been a navigational force behind my passion. I admire nature and find solace in lonely places. I want to turn to nature because humanity does not interest Continue Reading →

Being a girl in Indian Society

eing a girl in the Indian society constantly¬†endorses you to prove your existence and worth. A girl, most of the times, takes different approaches through a lot of navigational routes Continue Reading →

How Craig Harrison navigated his bullet to the longest sniper shot ever

It was November 2009. Harrison was deployed in Afghanistan to combat the insurgents. His main role was to eliminate the insurgents who would lie in the line of fire for Continue Reading →

A Day full of Adventures for her: Getting lost and Finding back the right track

wrong navigation on a long trip could cost you distances and time. Even, it can put you in a deep trouble. The situation hits the worst when you are stuck Continue Reading →

Interesting Evolution of Marine Navigation: From Goat-skin Map & Seaweed to GPS

he first navigational record of Goods-carrying boats is from around 3500 B.C. which marks the inception of the art of navigation.Those navigators had a very uncommon way of navigating. They Continue Reading →