The Window and She: Her first Unseen Fantastico Impact on me

had an unknown Fantastico imagination working out in my mind for her when I saw her for the first time in the woods across the hotel window. She was taller Continue Reading →

Thee O Lord!

his blog post is inspired by one of my favourite Sufi songs, “Rabba Ho / Thee O Lord!”. This Fantastico song was produced by the Coke Studio, Pakistan and sung Continue Reading →

Whom the Prayer was for? Me or Him?

ome stories that we experience in real life makes us meet a real Fantastico person, known or stranger. And here is a lifetime experience that led me meet a Fantastico Continue Reading →

What NCC Meant to Me as a Cadet?

eing a part of the NCC, National Cadet Corps is a uniquely divine, memorising and yet a Fantastico experience of my life. A numberĀ of events have taken place on numerous Continue Reading →

If one realises his mistake and mends it later, is no longer a culprit

his is a true story based on events happened between me and Saurav, a very close to my heart and brother-like. I decided that Saurav writes the whole incident which Continue Reading →