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12-06-2017: Bars & Beef could revive to save Kerala Tourism

Closing of bars which took place almost 2 years ago has badly affected the Kerala tourism until now. So the Kerala govt. to revive it’s tourism is thinking of lifting the bans on bars to save the tourism. The final verdict awaits on June 30th.

New backwaters canals added in Kerala Tourism

Kerala Tourism which recorded very low amount of tourism this year is planning to come up with more infrastructures to woo more tourists in coming years. Some of the plans which were on the to-do list of Kerala tourism are:

Jatayu Nature park based on the Ramayana Theme
Fisherman style beach huts

Kerala tourism is mainly famous for backwaters and houseboats. Their houseboat style is also being copied by other states of India like Pondicherry is also planning to come up with Houseboats in Chunnambar backwaters. Trying to boost up its core tourism sector, Kerala has come up with this plan.

Sundarbans, on another side of the Gosaba island

The Kerala backwaters are a chain of brackish lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian Sea coast (known as the Malabar Coast or west coast of India). The Kerala backwaters canals network includes five large lakes linked by canals. These five large lakes are fed by 38 rivers from the Western Ghats.

Currently, the backwaters tourism in Kerala covers Alleppey and Kumarakom, almost making Alleppey and Kumarakom the hub of backwaters tourism. With other upcoming plans by the central government to join rivers and ferry cruising along the Arabian sea coast, Kerala tourism department has also decided to develop a new tourism corridor for backwaters. This plan includes upgrading the infrastructure of the 94-km of canals as National Waterways (NW). The plan includes the following links:

  • The Alappuzha-Kottayam-Athirampuzha canal of length of 38 km
  • Alappuzha-Changanassery canal of length of 28 km and,
  • Kottayam-Vaikom canal of the length of 28 km.

These emerging corridors will also be used for the tourism-related activities. Making the stretch navigable again will help the State to expand water transport.

Kerala tourism’s new initiative: Beach huts to tourists

With it’s new move towards developing more services to the prospective tourists, Kerala tourism has decided to offer beach huts services to the tourists based on traditional fisherman’s huts.

The main purpose of the beach huts will be to provide a day facilities to the tourists. These services include staying inside a hut and spending a day on the beach, bathroom facilities, changing clothes after coming from the beach, resting inside the beach hut during day time.
This kind of facility is not seen any of the beach places in India. Changing clothes after coming from the sea or deciding to take rest and read a book during the day on the beach were some of the common problems. Moreover, beaches tightly stuffed with hotels and restaurants lack these basic facilities as well. Keeping these problems in view, Kerala tourism department has decided to address these small yet significant problems by building day beach huts where a tourist can take rest, shower and read a book.

These huts will have basic facilities and will be based on the model of a traditional fisherman’s hut but in terms of modernization, they will have all the basic amentities that a tourist looks for. Placed along the beach side, these huts will mostly be run by the coastal women who are educated yet financially weak. In the coming three months, such 50 of huts will be build on the famous beaches across Kerala in famous cities.

Does beach huts really do not exist in India until now? 

Yes they do, but in private and commercial form. For example in Goa these small places are called shacks. A shack usually consists of a reclining chair and a big umbrella covering it on the beach which I think you can imagine very well. These shacks usually belong to a specific restaurant or hotel. Thus not everyone can use these shacks to spend time on a beach. Firstly they allocate the shacks to the booked customers and if left they are given to the public tourists. So if you are a normal tourists and if you want to use the shack, you will have to pay a good amount of money in which they include a drink or snacks. Same applies to the bamboo cottages in Puducherry. But the decision from the tourism department of God’s own country looks welcoming to all the tourists and will be common to all.Cottages at Auro beachAbiding by the coastal regulation rules, it has been decided that only natural and bio-degradable materials will be used to build the huts. That means most of huts’ material will be from palm tree like coir, dry leaves etc. These low cost structures will not only replace the high charging shacks and cottages but also, the concept of beach hut will help Kerala tourism to attract more tourists to its beaches.