Trekking risks on Himalayan treks in North India

North Indian states like Jammu and Kashmir, Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh and North-East India states like Sikkim, Meghalaya, Assam etc. are a part of the lower Himalayas ranges. Trekking in the Himalayas has Continue Reading →

Vasota Trek (Vasota fort) from Pune and Mumbai

Vasota trek, located near Bamnoli, is around 150 Km South of Pune in Satara district and 300 Km Southeast of Mumbai. Vasota fort is also called as the Nandugad fort. Vasota Continue Reading →

Tikona trek and Tikona fort travel guide from Pune & Mumbai

Tikona trek is around 50 Km Northwest of Pune and 130 Km Southeast of Mumbai. Tikona fort also known as Vitandgad fort is located south of Mumbai-Pune Expressway.  Because of its Continue Reading →

Torna trek and Torna fort travel guide from Pune & Mumbai

Torna trek is around 50 Km Southwest of Pune and 220 Km Southeast of Mumbai. Torna fort also known as Prachandagad fort is located near Raigad fort natural reserve. Torna fort Continue Reading →

Salher Trek & Salher fort travel Guide From Pune and Mumbai

Salher trek is around 350 Km North of Pune and 300 Km Northeast of Mumbai. Salher fort is a part of Satana Tehsil in Nasik district of Maharashtra. Salher trek information Continue Reading →