A Fantastico Experience: Hundreds of feet offShore & Tens of feet above Seabed

hristian is above 40 but his energy can still beat me. Name a sport and he is not lesser than an expert. He is a Fantastico in swimming, cycling, hiking, Continue Reading →

Thai visa on arrival application form guide for Tourist visa

Here is a complete guide for the tourists traveling to Thailand for Visa on Arrival procedure and all the required documents needed. List of required documents for Visa on Arrival Continue Reading →

How to fill Thai immigration form? Thai immigration card guide

Thai immigration form/ card is given inside the flight by cabin crew once you board the flight to Thailand. Thai immigration form has two parts: Arrival card and departure card. Continue Reading →

Traveling to Thailand from India? What should you pack?

I am  a very light weight traveller. I always have a pity on people whom I see struggling with lots of luggages. Just because either they were not so calculative Continue Reading →

The local Thai street food market at Krabi, Thailand

When we landed in Krabi and decided to take a walk around the market. We went somewhere nearer to the Maharaja street. I was astonished to see the food market. Continue Reading →