Whom the Prayer was for? Me or Him?

ome stories that we experience in real life makes us meet a real Fantastico person, known or stranger. And here is a lifetime experience that led me meet a Fantastico Continue Reading →

The Brighter and Colorful side of a blind girl

mong the different phases of life, college life is the one which affects our life the most. College life doesn’t only add a new philosophical and navigational dimension to our Continue Reading →

Being a girl in Indian Society

eing a girl in the Indian society constantly endorses you to prove your existence and worth. A girl, most of the times, takes different approaches through a lot of navigational routes Continue Reading →

Maybe, Singing was the God’s Wish

– Berthold Auerbach usic is Like an Art, which just hits the soul and takes all the sorrows away. It gives the immense and eternal pleasure. It can describe every Continue Reading →

Lessons learnt from Little Orphan girls

e always complain that we don’t have enough. We are never satisfied with what we have and eventually we never achieve happiness. The endeavour to accumulate more has impacted us Continue Reading →