A day at Hamburg Harbour: Visit to the Port of Hamburg


Hamburg, located in the north of Germany, is one of the largest cities and has one of the busiest ports in Germany. I had heard these things from Tobi, one of my very close German friends since Hamburg was his hometown. So, I always had a penchant for traveling to Hamburg and seeing some places.

Hamburg, just like Venice but not at such greater scale, has a labyrinth of canals. Just to give you an idea, here is a Google Maps view of the Hamburg canals:

Hamburg canals Google maps view

Hamburg canals Google maps view

So, it’s like everywhere you go, the river Elbe follows you in Hamburg.

Hamburg Port:

Hamburg port is situated on the river Elbe and trust me, I had not thought about the sizes of the containers and ships that I would see in the Hamburg. There were really big ships, containers, ferries, passenger ships and much more.

While the Hamburg port presents the modern day picture of the development and modernization, at the same time, the canals crisscrossing through the old walls of the city still gives you the feeling of the medieval times.

Most of the buildings were red in Hamburg, I don’t know why but that gave an archaic feeling. The streets parallel to the main roads which run along to the port.

The port is open to all and you can go there and sit beside the river and watch the ferries and ships leaving the port. Even though the port is always crowded, it’s so big that everyone gets a place to sit and relax.

Here are some of the pictures from the Hamburg Port:

A wheel Ferry in the albe river, Hamburg

A wheel Ferry in the Elbe river, Hamburg

Ferry wheel near Hamburg port

Ferry wheel near Hamburg port

Hamburg port and a big ship in the background

Hamburg port and a big ship in the background

Hamburg port from a distance

Hamburg port from a distance

The contrast of old buildings and modern buildings in Hamburg

The contrast of old buildings and modern buildings in Hamburg

In Hamburg, most of the buildings where red

In Hamburg, most of the buildings where red

Download Nature Wallpaper Pack HD for Desktop


Nature wallpaper HD is searched the most by the nature lovers that includes trekkers, hikers, travelers, photographers and many people who in some way or the other are interested in spending peacetime in nature.  I also travel a lot but recently I thought why not to make a nature wallpaper HD pack for the nature lovers so that they can also fill in their computer desktop with a beautiful natural scenery.

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Antelope Canyon

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Zebras : Nature wallpaper

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Lion wallpaper

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Foggy Forest nature wallpaper for desktop

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