A Rainy Night lost in the Ghats

louds cracked and lightening flashed for a while. That was the Peppy moment when I tried to surpass the human perceptive capacity. I tried recognizing the surroundings squatting inside my Continue Reading →

A Day full of Adventures for her: Getting lost and Finding back the right track

wrong navigation on a long trip could cost you distances and time. Even, it can put you in a deep trouble. The situation hits the worst when you are stuck Continue Reading →

A Fantastico Experience: Hundreds of feet offShore & Tens of feet above Seabed

hristian is above 40 but his energy can still beat me. Name a sport and he is not lesser than an expert. He is a Fantastico in swimming, cycling, hiking, Continue Reading →

Interesting Evolution of Marine Navigation: From Goat-skin Map & Seaweed to GPS

he first navigational record of Goods-carrying boats is from around 3500 B.C. which marks the inception of the art of navigation.Those navigators had a very uncommon way of navigating. They Continue Reading →

“Not all Those who wander are lost. Go on your Journey”

lmost ten years back, I was there in Shimla for some work. GPS Navigation system was not much in use. That winter, Shimla was completely cut off from the rest Continue Reading →