South Goa Traveling Guide: Serene Beaches & Goan Culture

Goa is the only place which is equally favorite to people from north as well as south of India. Based on my experience of traveling to South Goa, I have come up with my own theory. But before I preach about my own theory, here is something more important that I would like to introduce you to first.

Most of the plans to the places like Goa falls victim to the confused state of Dilemma. When we start for Goa, we are always filled with enthusiasm. We plan a lot. We dream of seeing Russian girls in Goa. In short, there is no limitation to the height of imagination. But the dilemma kicks in when we arrive in Goa. So Now? what to do? where to go?

There is a reason behind this traveling dilemma. First of all, Goa is not a small place to visit. Goa itself is a state and when you plan for Goa, you do not realize that you have a whole state in your travel diary than just a few places. Even though a small state, Goa is not so easy to cover.

You could either belong to a gang of bachelors who have come to Goa with different motives in mind or you could be a part of the family who has a completely different eye for Goa. So now the question arises, North Goa or South Goa? Let me list out the things in a more granular way to clarify what Goa is all about.

North Goa:

  • It has the famous beaches like Morjhim beach, Vagator beach, Anjuna Beach, Calangute beach etc. Most of these beaches would have a lot of life. People playing in the shallow sea shore; vendors selling local items, a lot of shacks and restaurants filled with people etc are a common sight.
  • On the beaches, you can also find a lot of shack parties in the night. You just go there and join in.
  • Besides shack’s parties, you can also join night clubs and bars. However, be mindful that some of the famous clubs might not allow stag entry. They only allow couple entry. And the same applies to some of the beaches. I have heard that some of the beaches do not allow Indians. I do not know how far this is true.
  • Another thing I did not want to mention but I think I should are that some of the beaches are really smelly and dirty because of the crowd and the waste.
  • Besides, most of the tourist places like forts, famous beaches, churches etc. are nearer to the North Goa.
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Coming to the South Goa:

Since I wanted to write this article exclusively for the South Goa, I thought that it would be nice to write an introduction about North Goa in the beginning so that people will have a reference point in their minds and can choose where they want to go.

So what’s there in the South Goa? Peace & Culture. If you feel like you are going to go to Goa with a “party on my mind” mood, at the first introspection itself, I would direct you to North Goa. However, there are some of the specific events, if matching from my list below, then you should prefer to go to South Goa:

  • Anniversary
  • Honeymoon
  • Nature Photography
  • Aesthetic exploration

South Goa through my eyes:

When you head towards South-West from Ponda triangle (even if you do not understand it, it’s fine), the south Goa starts. The moment you turn towards the south of Goa, you can see more Nature than the concrete Jungle. Green paddy fields, coconut & palm trees, Goan houses & huts, less crowded roads & streets are the typical marks that define the south Goan culture.

So what is there to see in the South Goa?

South Goa has a lot of more serene beaches than the North Goa and that’s for sure. May not be a lot of tourist places are there to see in the South Goa but the markings that I mentioned are sure to spellbound with the natural beauty. With the Natural beauty & a lot of Serene beaches come the peace and aesthetic sense of traveling.

In the new year eve this year, we were there in the South Goa. And here are some of my personal experiences that I think might come into your uses as well:

Some of the most famous beaches in South Goa are Colva beach, Benaulim beach, Varca Beach, Carmona beach etc. We first arrived on the Colva beach. Since we had started from Bangalore around 11 in the night, It took us around 10 hours to reach Goa. So, we reached Goa around 9 in the morning. Obviously, the journey was long and we were tired.

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The first thing we did was pick a carton of Beers. With me, there were other people also who had been to Goa around 10 times. So I had a lot of things to learn from them. The first learning while purchasing the beer was Goa is known for the local beer also, just like Feni. But do not mistake the local Goan beer with the Feni.

Some people find Feni bitter and too alcoholic. I had a bad experience with Feni so I was skeptical about the kind of local beer that I was going to get in Goa. When tasting a beer, I also consider packaging one of the important factors. When we bought kings beer, the packaging looked nice. This is how a kings beer looks like.


Kings Beer, Goa

The packaging reminded me of Germany. Germany is famous for beer and some of the dark used to be packaged like that.

Some of the other famous beers in Goa which I came to know from word of mouth was Bira. I searched for Bira image online and I looked more like a Russian beer to me. I think because a lot of Russian tourists come to Goa, Bira has its own market.

Now why we Chose to Stay in South Goa?

First of all, South Goa is cool and peaceful yet with a lot of life of its own. Some of the other advantages are that instead of booking a hotel, you can directly go for home stays. Just search on AirBnB for Homestays and you get a lot of cool places listed. Here is a description of where we stayed:

  • We had booked a 6-BHK house in South Goa called White Lotus. You can read about this house stay on the website and look at the pictures.
  • Some of the notable facilities were like Swimming pool, a very big living room, parking facilities, cook, washing machine and much more.
  • On top of that, most of the coolest beaches of South Goa were not more than 15 minutes by car. Or on scooty.
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Here are some of the Pictures of our Home Stay:

white-lotus-colva white-lotus-home-stay-colva

Party, Romance, and beaches in South Goa:

If you are a party person and you do want to go into the party-specific pubs and bars, then you should go to the North Goa for a better Experience. However, if you just want to enjoy the beauty and do other stuff then here are a few pointers for you:

  • Drive further South towards Benaulim and beyond that for more serene, calm, and less crowded beaches. The drive would not be more than half an hour.
  • Even in the night, these beaches are accessible. I am not sure of the crowd in the night on the weekdays but on the longer weekends or holidays, there will be crowd on those beaches too. You can even walk on the beaches from one to another.
  • One some of the beaches, there would be shack parties going on. You can join them. It is even easier for the couples to get an instant entry.
  • Be reminded that most of the bars or restaurants or shacks close by 11 PM. so expect not to get beer or food beyond that. However, you can carry your own and drink at the midnight sitting on the beach
  • During the day, there would be a lot of activities going on these beaches like parasailing, banana ride etc. If you are interested, you can also go for the same.
  • You can even hire a bicycle and go for a ride along the beaches.
  • Also remember that most of the nice hotels like Taj, Leela Palace, Holiday Inn are located in the south Goa only. With that, you can imagine, why these hotels decided to come to the south Goa.
  • If you want to take the feel of the Goan culture, just keep on driving randomly and even towards the North, you will get to see the Goan houses influenced by the Portuguese culture.
  • There are some of the tourist places in the South Goa as well like Three Kings Church, Indian Naval Museum, Goan cultural heritage Museum. Those are a Good go.

If you feel I missed something, please leave a reply in the comment section below.

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