Road Trip Essentials

Time for another festive season and that definitely calls for a road trip, right? But wait, road trip doesn’t always mean that you go hit the road just like that, in a flash of impulse, as we see in movies. In order to ensure that the trip is enjoyable and successful, we recommend that you properly plan and be fully equipped for the trip to ensure a smooth, fun trip. Here are a few tips and essentials you should be carrying before you start your road trip.


Road trip checklist:

1. Checking the ride

Before starting your trip, it’s essential and of extreme importance that you check your car to ensure everything is working as it should. It is a good idea to get some basic servicing done to ensure a smooth, trouble -free journey. You could use the help of car servicing apps like BookMyTime which could be of great assistance in this regard.

2. Cash

Travelling to a remote location or a countryside could be an exciting proposition, but keep in mind, these places could be sparse in terms of ATM’s and Banks. Hence it’s always recommended to carry cash for all those uncalculated expenses and uncertain conditions. Carry some loose change for quicker check outs at tolls and checkpoints.

Also with demonetization, Tourism industry has seen a lot of downs in terms of payments in the cash. So, please carry the cash.

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3. First Aid Kit

Make sure you carry medicines for common ailments like colds, headaches and stomach upset and some first aid supplies like bandages, dressings, antiseptic cream etc in addition to the standard first aid kit which is present in your car. Safety is of prime importance.

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4. Maps

Even though you might have planned and studied the route many times, it’s still better to carry a hard copy of the map of that particular destination. You cannot trust Google maps or your GPS tracker entirely. Sometimes it might be the unavailability of mobile network that could ruin your trip and you certainly wouldn’t want that to happen.

5. Phone charger

Your mobile is more than just a phone and there is no denying the fact that it has become a very important and essential part of your life. Hence carrying a phone charger will ensure you are never out of battery/contact with your loved ones.

6. Flashlights

Your mobile flashlight could help with your daily needs but never assume it as a substitute for flashlight use, especially when you are going for a road trip. High power flashlight with new batteries is what we recommend.

7. Snacks and drinking water

Healthy snack items and drinking water will ensure you and your family is safe from all the unhygienic street foods. Also, it might not be easy to find eateries in outskirts as you find in the cities. It can also be a boon when you’re stuck in traffic.

8. Petrol

Start your journey with a full tank and refuel your beast when it’s at less than half. Don’t wait till it hits reserve, since you might not find a petrol pump at the time of need.

Also, carry photocopies of all the car documents, duplicate car keys (in case the car gets locked with the key inside), car repair kit and familiarize yourself with some basic repairs you can do on your own for instance changing a flat tyre or adding water to the coolant tank etc.

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In addition you could utilize car servicing and car buying apps like BookMyTime for some expert tips and advice. For a great journey we recommend our fellow travelers to carry all the essentials mentioned here. Bon Voyage!

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