The beads of memories weaved with my closest boon companion

Friendship is an eternal feeling which cannot be defined. You can easily relate it to the spirituality; you can provide scientific proves with behavioral patterns; you can even term a “true friendship” as an art of finding someone who is just a replica of your mental vibes.

When I heard about the “Yaaron ki Baarat” – the chat show which brings the best ofBollywoodd celebrities come together in their most fun avatars and when I watched the first trailer of Yaaron ki Baarat on Youtube featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha, the first person which came to my mind was Vaibhav.

Watching the trailer, I realized that the friendship is beyond age, achievement, and profession. The quirks, the fun and the bond behind friendship remains the same or even deepens with the passing time.

Here are some of the sweet anecdotes about friendship that we share:

1. Vaibhav was standing behind me while I was looking at the computer screen for the Chikballapur trek route. I remember I was still trapped in the shoulder and back belt all around my body. I had met with a spinal cord injury a month ago and I was not sure if I will be able to make a trek.

I was able to walk and sit but prolonged exposure to these activities gave me acute pain in my spinal cord which was unbearable to me. But I had two of my closest and strong friends beside me.

“I think you can do it.”
“I don’t know bro. I am really not sure if I can walk miles after a fresh recovery from a spinal cord injury.”
“Abey Chal naa. Hum Hain naa,” he made an extra effort while pointing out to Jatin.
“Okay then, Done!” And we packed our bag for the next day 22 Km trek to be completed in a Single day.

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We completed that 22 Km trek in a single day on 4 bananas per person and one liter of water. The temperature throughout must not have been lesser than 35 Degree Celsius. This was just the first instance when the first adventure with Vaibhav has helped me to erase the boundary and push my limits to a new level.

He had always been standing behind looking serious but those who know him well, at times, he was someone who was made up of high-spirited and energetic stuff. A crazy yet Peppy friend of mine.

Vaibhav on the right, After Finishing the trek

Vaibhav on the right, After Finishing the trek

2. I remember another instance when I was planning for the Sakleshpur railway trek just another month after the above said trek. I was not sure of the route.

Even though I had done a lot of treks in the past and on top of that, Sakleshpur railway trek was just about trekking along the railway lines. This was going to be a longer trek. That means I will have to carry more stuff on my back.

“Abey Chal naa! Darta Kyun hai?” It was him again.

Next day, we packed our bag for the Sakleshpur Railway Trek. It was a long trek of almost 20 Km in length. Had I not been with a such a boon companion like him and others, this trek would not have been possible.

First, we began out trekking around four in the morning in foggy condition. Moreover, it was also raining a little bit. Then, the same Chikballapur trek incident was also repeated here. We ran out of the food and around 8 of us survived on just 2 packets of bread, 2 dozens of bananas and a few apples throughout the entire trip.

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We almost got frozen to ice cold while returning to Subramanya railway station in the Guard’s compartment under the heavy shower.

En route Sakleshpur trek

En route Sakleshpur trek

3. Almost a year and a half later, he bought his dream bike, Royal Enfield. This time, we thought of planning something bigger. But, what to do next was the toughest dilemma because we had a lot of things to choose from. Moreover, the purpose of the adventure Motorbiking had to be Met.

Finally, after hours of discussion over a few days, we decided to go to Nagalapuram trek in Andhra Pradesh from Bangalore. There was also a reason behind going to Nagalapuram waterfalls. It met all of our adventurous criteria for the “our first ever MotorBiking trip”.

Our itinerary included Biking along the highway, then countryside driving, then offroad driving followed by a trek of 5 Kms inside the forest along the waterfalls and finally also a camping in the night beside the Nagala Dam.

It was a perfect trip planned but this time, the problem was only one of us knew how to drive a bike properly. Though he had given me some bike riding lessons but, from football ground to a busy highway, had been a bigger leap for me in terms of Motorbiking.

Anyway, we packed our stuff at the back of the bike. But we had forgotten to pack anything for the dinner this time. On the way, we bought some really big mangoes. Those mangoes were the famous mangoes from Andhra Pradesh.

The morning drive was cool but after we entered Andhra around 10’o clock, the temperature went as high as above 40 Degree Celsius. We drove constantly. During offroading, the break-wire of the bike was broken.

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We were left with nothing to eat other than plain Parantha, that too, even without the salt. These were all adding to my crazy adventure journeys with my boon companion, Vaibhav.

In the night, we had to face incessant rain showers and hot weather in the open ground. Anyway, we spent another night under the tarp. And next day, I drove the Royal Enfiled on the highway and that too, I touched around 90 Kph.

We also made our first documentary that too with a blind-folded recording because the screen of our DigiCam was non-functional and we did not where we were focussing actually.

Our Biking Documentary to Nagalapuram

4. Last month, we planned another Biking tour to Kerala from Bangalore. It was just an on-the-spot plan which was made around Midnight. So we decided not to sleep and we begin our another MotorBiking journey around 4 in the morning from Bangalore.

Driving to Kerala was a good as we skipped most of the traffic. We spent a nice there. While returning, we almost avoided an accident of an old man near Gundlupete near Bandipur national park. This time, we had decided to use our selfie stick and record the whole Journey.

Wayanad Motobiking from Bangalore

Wayanad Motorbiking from Bangalore

One of the most important thing I have learned from him is never to give up. One of the most favorite sentences I learned from him towards the Journey of life is:

“This shall too pass”

We hope we make more stories the same way.

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