Berlin Attractions: What to see in Berlin? Top 25 Must See Places

Here is a list of lesser-known as well as well-known places of interest in Berlin. These Berlin attractions remain in the list of ‘must see places in Berlin’ for most of the tourists and travelers.

The following list of best places to see in Berlin has attractions from all the corners such as historical attractions, nature, wildlife, world war attractions, modern attractions, attractions from science etc. So, let’s a look at each of these attractions.

BrandenBurg Tor in Berlin

Brandenburg Tor is one of the very famous monuments to see in Berlin. If you go there, you will hear a lot of interesting stories about this place from the guides. Try to go there in the evening. It looks golden and there is a lot of happening around the place.

Near to Brandenburg tor, there are other famous places also like Tiergarten, Reichstag building, Embassies of the different countries and some of the very famous hotels.

Tiergarten, spring in Berlin

Tiergarten is one of the largest parks in Europe within a capital. This sprawling garden is spread over 520 acres and within the garden, it has many varieties of flowers and gardens.

Spring will be the best season to visit this place when people spend time in the park and do grilling and barbecue. There is also a Biergarten inside the Tiergarten where you can go for boating and beer. Here is more information about the Tiergarten Biergarten, Berlin

Holocaust memorial to murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin (2)

This place is situated just nearer to the Brandenburg Tor. It is a mass graveyard for the jews who were killed during the second world war by Nazis.

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This holocaust memorial is a cemetery with hundreds of cubical and rectangular structures which depict the pain of the jews. Read more about this Jewish memorial in Berlin.

Berlin Potsdamer platz

Potsdamer Platz in Berlin is one of the modern marvels of Berlin. It has the famous hotels, shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants etc. nearby. You can visit this place in the night and go for shopping or watch a movie at the Sony center. Read More about the Potsdamer Platz.

If you are a fan of second-hand shopping, nothing could be a greater place to buy antiques and other awesome things in Berlin than the flea markets. In fact, Berlin has a chain of flea market around Berlin.

Berlin in evening from berlin cathederal church

Though there are a lot of options to enjoy the sunset of Berlin from the high buildings but one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the sunset in Berlin will be Berlin Cathedral church.

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The UNESCO world heritage site museums are also nearby Berlin cathedral church and other places to see around this place are;

  • Berlin five islands museum
  • LustGarten
  • river spree
  • Berlin cathedral dom etc.

It will serve your two purposes of seeing the Berlin cathedral church from inside and also going to the church dome to see the sunset in Berlin. Here are some pictures of Berlin from Berlin Cathedral church in the evening.

treptower park in berlin

Soviet war memorial also known as the Treptower park is a park made by the Soviet Union in the remembrance of the soviet soldiers that died in the second world war. It is a very big park and generally not so crowded. It has some magnificent monumental structures as well. It has no entrance fee.

If you are really interested in the world war things, this is a must see places in Berlin. More about the Soviet war memorial, Berlin.

Boulevard der Stars, Berlin

Walk of fame also called as Boulevard der stars in German is a memorial for film stars including actors, actress, producer, directors. The walk of fame is based on the model of the walk of fame in Los Angeles.

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The walk of fame in Berlin looks like a red carpet because the street itself is red colored.

lietenzen see park, Berlin in winter (1)

This park is not so great place to see. This is just like another park in Berlin. Just because I was staying near Lietzenzee park in Berlin and used to spend my free evenings there, I felt nostalgic and decided to include this place in the list as well.

If you happen to stay nearby Charlottenburg and you have a free evening, you can grab a beer and relax there in the evening. Here is my personal experience of Lietzensee Park, Berlin

Dome of berlin cathederal church from inside

Berlin cathedral church also known as Berliner dom was completely destroyed during the second world war. And it was again built from the scratches. This church is known for its wall frescos, paintings, a magnificent dome, wind pipe organ and much more. More about A visit inside Berlin Cathedral church

Please to see nearby Berlin cathedral church:

  • DDR museum
  • Museum islands
  • Pleasure garden
  • Aquadom and sea life Berlin
  • Berlin Tv tower

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