Who Am I? Where Has The Life Navigated Me to?

Nature has always been a navigational force behind my passion. I admire nature and find solace in lonely places. I want to turn to nature because humanity does not interest me anymore. I have had some painful experiences with the people around me. Those sad experiences had a permanent affect on my life forever. I stopped seeking humanity in the beings that are left on this mundane earth.
Well, maybe I sound like a sadist and I suppose I do have my own faults too. I agree. But, I would say that I always have had a tendency to renounce what most would consider the norm. I have been trying hard to indulge in self-actualization. By taking cues from the past and in evaluating my habits, I found out that my soul belonged to nature more than to anything else. Nature, anyway, is eventually where everything else belongs!
I can sit for hours waiting to capture a perfect shot of the sunset. Yeah, it should tell you a lot about me.
I am headstrong, but I am more passionate than being a headstrong. I am a headstrong because the ways of navigation that nature has taught me for life have never let me bow down in front of any problem, rather I prefer to find a solution and move on.
I am a survivor and have been this way since childhood. Again Because my childhood has left a permanent impact on the way I trust people and my relatives. If you are intelligent enough, you would understand what I mean.
I believe very strongly that I can persevere through any situation. This characteristic of me has been formed over the years through navigational exploration and trekking. The more challenging the situation is; the more fun it seems to me. Eventually, I found something that suited my interests. I found a job that was best-suited for me. Everyone else would agree too. My passion for the wild and writing pages and pages about the beauty of nature landed me a job of my liking.
I am a wildlife enthusiast, an amateur photographer, and a free soul writer, who earns his bread and butter from nature. That means Nature navigated me from a daily job of being an Engineer to something I worshipped in my soul. I believe that nature is the greatest source of energy.
It’s Nature which decides the navigational point of our life if you are related deeply with nature. People like to read my stories and enjoy seeing my photographs from every tour I undertake. Going to offbeat locations, Staying at seasonal places, and Navigating to wild locations has earned me loyal followers. I photograph the scenery, the raw beauty of nature and the wilderness. I meet new people; I write stories and courier them to big offices made of concrete, glass and bricks in the city.
My way of life has earned me a few admirers, a few followers and many friends across the country. Sometimes, I sit back on the mountains and wonder Where Has The Life Navigated Me to?
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