Peppy Prayers And the Sky Lanterns

That was a fine and silent evening. There was nothing to be Peppy about. I was enjoying the sunset on a beach away from the city on Koh Samui island. Birds were returning to their nests. The sun was going to set down on the horizon. Soon, the green lights on the Octopus hunting boats were burned. I could see their shimmering peppy reflections on the calm sea.
I took a look around. The beach lights at the restaurants had burned. The white sand was shining golden under the yellow lights. I was still sitting under a palm tree with my friends having a Peppy discussion about the religion and mostly Buddhism, one of the most peaceful religions according to us.
We decided to take a turtle walk along the sea shore. Gentle waves were washing our feet from time to time. Our feet was covered with the wet sands. After a walk of almost one and a half kilometer and we looked behind. Whole of the beach was looking like a necklace of a queen.
That was a full moon night. While returning, we saw a guy selling sky lanterns. We asked for the price and that was not so costly. The guy tried to explain that we were the first customers for him on that evening. The way he explained about sending the prayer on a moonlit night in the sky was really Peppy and enticing. So we decided to send a prayer together in the sky.
As some of us had decided to stay behind at the cottage and relax on that evening. We decided that we would altogether return and send the prayer in the sky together. Jumping like a peppy kid with my Fantastico friends, I was walking at the front and soon we were in front of our cottages.
The guy wanted us to lit the sky lantern and send the prayer. That was a nice idea and we welcomed his idea with an open heart. He searched inside his bags for something special. At the next moment, he was holding one of the biggest sky lanterns for us.
He explained us the way to fire the sky lanterns and send the prayers in the sky. I was really excited and so were my friends. That moment was really a Peppy moment. Soon, that guy took out a big camphor-like material and passed us the lighter. We burned the camphor and put that inside the sky lantern. We waited for the lantern to get filled with the hot air. Soon, the lantern was inflated with the hot air.
“Pray for your wish and send your prayer with the hot air,” told that guy.
We all wished together and sent the lantern high up int he sky. We paid him and kept on watching the lantern flying high in the sky. We kept on watching until the lantern was really high and appeared smaller than the moon. That was one of the Peppiest moments of my life with my Fantastico friends.
Next evening, we waited for the same guy to sell the sky lanterns.
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Peppy Sky lantern on Koh Samui Island in Thailand


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