And One Street Music Night: The Voice Without Boundaries

Wherever I went, I would return to the same restaurant beside the river Danube for the dinner. It offered a nice view of the Buda castle bathed under the yellow lights at night, Silvery Chain bridge casting its reflection over the greenish water of the river Danube, old trams passing by just in front of us and street Musicians playing street music on the pavement, just in front of the restaurant, in the evening.
I think, the location of the restaurant was one of the biggest vantage points for the tourists who wanted to have a delicious dinner sitting beside river Danube and relishing the monumental view of the Budapest city at night. On the other hand, the same restaurant was one of the biggest gamble points because of its location. It was located in one of the posh areas with stars hotels like Intercontinental and others located just down the street. So, the location was lucrative to both, the street musicians as well as the tourists.
That was my third dinner in a row there besides, two lunches. I used to prefer the corner table because it offered the best night view of the city according to me. After four meals, I noticed some of the interesting things at the restaurant.
  • They will, virtually, try to notice the time I would enter the restaurant
  • They will try their best to keep that table reserved for me.
  • They even noticed that I liked to have more oregano powder and pepper over Margherita Pizza so oregano and pepper powder would be already placed on that particular table along with bottled normal water.
  • Even the same waiter used to serve me always. I am not sure if they had a waiter-per-table system or not. But I saw him taking special care of my table with a nice smile.
On the third night, I noticed that the street musicians who used to perform or play at the nearby restaurants were facing my table. But the genre of the music was changed. The music they played had more energy.
I called up the waiter and asked him, “Do not they have a particular performance place? I always see them playing music on that corner”
“Yes sir, they do have. Since you and a few of our PREMIUM customers are coming here for the fifth time in a row, we planned a musical performance after dinner at ten. And you are cordially Invited. I was just about to tell you after you’d finished your dinner sir.”
I liked the way he talked and the loveliest part about his invitation request was his different accent which matched more to the Russian accent.
“Oh! Sure”
He filled up my glass with water and took two steps backwards and stood there. Whenever I would look at him out of curiosity, he would smile in return.
The dinner was finished and I was offered a complimentary ice cream. Around Ten o clock, a few of us were personally invited by the waiters to enjoy the music and even dance to its tune.
Well, I am a shy person at first. I am a kind of person who waits for others to step on the dance floor.
A romantic old couple began dancing arms in arms to the highly energetic music first. Being an Indian and spending last 27 years listening to the high energetic Bollywood music, I was almost impossible for me to hold back my steps. However, I decided to stay back for some more time. A few more people joined in the tune of the street music and the whole ambience turned completely peppy.
Gradually, we turned into dancing friends, peppy music turned more energetic and louder. Our steps became faster and we were just grooving over the music. I was soon sweating under the Budapest Winter. In fact, almost all of us were sweating. I also tried tap-dancing. That was more fun when others try to show you how to do and you do the wrong steps. But you return the favour in Bhangra style and after a few moments, you see everybody raising their arms and trying to make a move by mimicking you.
That was the peppiest music I had ever heard on a foreign street. At the end of the dance, I put my jacket on my shoulders and we hugged each other as for thanksgiving and being a great dance buddy. On the way returning to my hotel, the tap dance scene of titanic kept running over my mind.
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