No more Russian beauty in Goa: Sad blow to India by Russia

One of my friends remembers, “I remember lying down on a shack on Calangute beach with my Russian friend lying beside me. The sun was setting down and I was enjoying Tuborg green. I enjoyed looking at her , she was glowing golden under the setting sun…” and the story continues.

Russian in Goa

If you or any of your friends are looking for the same life-time beautiful moments in Goa, it cannot be possible anymore because of the new step taken by Russian towards a new revised list of safe travel destinations. Goa which witnessed around 250,000 Russians this year no more witness the same amount of Russians any more. This decision is thought to have been taken in the wake of October 31 explosion of a Russian aeroplane over Sinai peninsula in Egypt. As a part of the decision, Egypt and Turkey has also been included in the blacklisted country along with Goa in India.


Another reason as sighted by Russian information center in Goa could be the affordability by the Russians in Goa. Since 2014, Rouble, the currency of Russia has seen a decline in its economic value and Goa being comparitively a costlier destination for Russian, makes it harder for the Russian to afford a cheap and longer stay in Goa.

It is expected that these tourists will move towards South East Asia and China after the black-listing of Goa as a tourist destination by Russia. This decision of Russia is though politically motivated however India and Indians still welcome Russians on the beach of Goa.


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2 thoughts on “No more Russian beauty in Goa: Sad blow to India by Russia

  1. SandeepaChetan

    Russians are adventurous, we hope they will not come under any influence guidelines and flow of Russians continues. Nice selection of photographs for this post.


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