Her munched smiles: Thank you McCain

She is a Bengali. She loves potatoes. She loves potatoes to an extent that she puts potatoes in almost every dish. Be it Ilish fish, Kolkata Biryani, Chicken, Paneer butter masala or even egg fry, she just loves adding potatoes to every dish she prepares. The story does not end here. When we go out, her orders mostly revolves around the potatoes- Aloo Tikki, French fries, potato wedges, Nuggets. This picture always reminds me of her.

Love potatoes

It’s not that she only loves to eat but she is a nice cook too. The weekends I am not traveling, would be spent at her place eating a lot of potato dishes. But one day…..

“Amar! you should also cook something for me one day,” while serving nuggets she told me with a cheerful grin. I was about to pick one and then I stopped.

“What! cooking a dish for her? No way!” I said to myself while trying a putting up a smile on my face. Cooking was not the cup of my tea but I could not deny for her happiness. Tt was better to give cooking a try than making a fuss.

“Yeah sure. Why not. May be next Sunday? I cook for you and then you can tell me how do I cook?” I said to her.

“Okay,” and she smiled. She was just happy that I agreed to prepare some food for her. She gave me a warm hug too.  Now I knew that I had planted the bomb in my own squadron.

Something had to be done before next Sunday arrives. I tried reading a lot of recipes over internet. Some sounded too complex to execute; some needed preparation time fof over 24 hours; to the worst, some mentioned ingredients which were totally new to my ear. But the promise was already kept on the table.

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Jackpot on fortunate Friday:

Almost whole of the week was going to over soon pondering over what to cook and what to cook until I saw McCain snacks on my online food suggestions. I had a jackpot in my hand now. Cooking was made never so easy for me like this.

Simple preparation of Mccain snacks
Thanks McCain for Easy Ingredients, simple cooking and less preparation time

Smiling Sunday on her munching mouth:

On Saturday night, I left for heavy snacks shopping. Just went to the near by restaurant and bought a lot of snacks from Mc Cain snacks like french fries, aloo Tikki, veggie nuggets, wedges. I had everything prepared. She entered my house smiling. I am sure she must have thought that I was having a hard time making dishes or snacks for her. But the scene was completely different here. I served her coconut shake with french fries. She sat smiling at the dining table.

Mc Cain french fries

“Honey! wait for just half an hour. I bring you more.” I headed for kitchen.

She turned on the TV to watch wimbeldon game between Federer and Murray. And within half an hour, I had a lot dishes prepared for her, hot and delicious.

“Did you prepared everything on your own?” she looked surprised.

“Of course. I went through all the ingredients online. Prepared them overnight and now I am ready.”

She picked one. “Wow! but they look like have been bought from the shops. are they? hmmm?” And she floored her smile on lips.

“Nah! Nah. I bought the ingredients then mixed them in right quantity; then prepared them well and then I came to your service”

Smile on that face:

Minutes later. I just opposite to her on the table. She was munching on the snacks. Sometimes offering me one; sometimes smiling and slyly eating the nuggets. Sometimes, we both will look into each others eyes and smile for no reason. I sat closer to her hand in hand. We both enjoyed the snacks together. I wish I get that once again.

Mc Cain chicken nuggets
 Mc Cain aloo tikki

 Thank you Mc Cain for such awesome products Thank you Mc cains

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