Honey diet- Healthier for sports-adventures

Everyone likes traveling, trekking and hiking. But everyone hates the aftermaths of this, rashy, dry and demoisturised. Also on top of that, exhaustive traveling and adventurous activities need a lot of antibodies to fight against the common by products ailments of treks and travels like:

  • small bruises or cuts
  • common cold if you are exposed to the cold environment or camping in the damp place when
    there are no alternatives example monsoon trekking/ traveling south India in monsoon.
  • Dehydration when trekking/ traveling in the Eastern Ghats in June/ July
  • Leech bytes and its itching and lot of irritation
Dabur Honey diet Source- Dabourhoney.com

Dabur Honey diet Source- Dabourhoney.com

So what’s the common solution for this? Honey from a trusted brand like Dabur honey diet

Common benefits of taking honey everyday for travelers and hikers:

  • Source of Energy: Carbohydrates and Sugar are easily digestable and a constant source of
  • Cough and cold: It is known to help in common cold and against throat irritation in cough.
  • Beautiful skin: Specially for girls, who want to travel but also want to maintain their skin.
  • Honey has naturalli moisturising and nourishing properties. Moreover, it has high amount of
    antioxidants also.
  • Substitute for sugar: People who are very much health conscious can use honey on travel or
    in regular life as a substitute for sugar as well.
  • Makes diets tastier: Mix honey in cold milk or banana shake and taste it. It’s far better than
    the actual taste.

My Personal Experience with honey:

Most often when I would return from treks or trips I would return with a lot of small bruises,
open cuts, sometimes common cold and sore throat. I used to stick to ginger tea or hot milk etc. Well, the recovery was always there but I thought there could also and always be a better way for this. I began surfing internet and found honey, a universal mixer to all the diets. So from the next time, I had return from the trek, the first thing I would do to cure common ailments was to mix honey in almost everything.

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For example: I mixed honey in ginger tea and taste was better and the recovery was also better. But a word of caution, do not over heat the honey. In this world of adulteration, I prefer Dabur honey or honey from villages where the chances of adulteration is very low. Not that only, I started mixing honey with warm milk (Not hot milk above 80 degree celsius) and the taste changed and was really great.

Another incident which has motivated me towards honey is itching of leech bites. You apply anything on the bite but irritation would not slack down. Somewhere over the internet, I searched that honey works better on bites and wounds. I applied that and that was really soothing.

So, if you are traveler/ hiker/ trekker, go for honey, It does not cost much and has much more properties than we think of.

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    I take honey every single day in the morning and it is really helpful for the health. I love you Honey!!!!


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