Genx Tata Nano roll out story: Sanand manufacturing plant


The hashtag itself engulfs a thousand words but for those who understand whats there in this hashtag. Well, #TheChosenOnes proudly represents the name of 20 people from across the India who booked Tata Nano with Easy Shift (AMT). But Behind the scenes there were around 15-20 bloggers again #TheChosenOnes who were invited by Tata Motors to cover the Tata Nano Genx roll out event at Sanand plant near Ahmedabad Gujarat.

tata Nano Genx The chosen Ones (4)

So the Story Began like this:

Tata Motors decides to have a grand event named . The purpose of this event was unique. To show the buyers of Tata nano Genx how their cars are made in the plant and bloggers were invited to tell the world about how many smoke and regression testing this small vehicle goes through before hitting the road.

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Getting a mail from Indibloggers:

Indibloggers is an online and active group of bloggers who are active throughout India. I am also a part of it. So a few of us from different cities were invited by Tata Motors on fully paid trip to Ahmedabad to cover this event.

Landing in Ahmedabad and Staying at Hotel Novotel:

I joined and once we landed at Ahmedabad, we were picked by the hotel guys to the hotel. That day was Monday. However, the ceremony was supposed to start in the evening. Having a full day nothing to do on our hands, we roamed around Ahmedabad seeing different places.

tata Nano Genx The chosen Ones (11)

Evening the party begins:

In the evening, everyone was invited to the ballroom of Hotel Novotel and we witnessed some very entertaining programs.

Fun Time at Tata Nano Genx Evening

The sole purpose of program was to mingle together among each other; make friends; talk to people from different parts of country and meet the owners of Tata nano for the first time.

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Story Behind tata Nano:

Before Sanand plant visit we were told some truth about how the dream of Tata Nano got materialized. Some of the facts told by are:

  • There were more than 30 locations were selected through India for the production of Tata Nano cars. Finally, Singur in Bengal was decided at the final one.
  • Due to some political issues, Tata Motors had to shift from Singur plant to Sanand plant.
  • Shifting the heavy manufacturing equipments from SIngur plant (where everything was already setup) to Sanand plant in Gujarat, was almost equal to moving 150 trucks of manufacturing equipments and materials.
  • Looking at the mounting pressure of delivering Tata nano on short notice, Tata motors decided to make some parts in Pantnagar plant at Uttrakhand.
  • But thanks to the great effort of Tata nano team that it was presented to the public on time.

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Some other facts about Tata Nano includes:

  • There were more than 30 patents were filed on the name of Tata nano while endeavouring to find a cheaper solution for a world-class car making process.
  • Design, seat, headlamps, engine etc. parts have been inspired from daily life and some on the suggestions of Ratan Tata himself.

The Tata Nano plant visit:

Next day kicked off with Tata Nano plant visit. That was not a regular visit, it was the first time in the history that Tata nano plant at Sanand was open for people outside tata nano plant. Watching Megastructures and Megafactories is surely a great thing on Nat geo. But, imagine robots moving, rollers rolling, Machines working, parts being assembled together; all happening before your eyes, would not be a great thing?

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In some of the working units of the plant we were not allowed to come outside the car and take photographs, that must be because of the special technology behind Tata Nano but at the units we were allowed to get down and take a look at how the Nano car comes into lifelike figure before hitting the road. It was nice to see engine being setup; glasses being fit; tyres being fit. shock absorbers being thoroughly checked.

Tata Nano being Tested inside water

Whatever people might think about Nano but I am truly impressed by the state of the art work and facility of the tata nano plant at Sanand. On safety and cleanliness part, this plant has got several awards also. And they have also adopted some world-class production style which is followed by bigger car-making companies like Toyota.

Genx Tata Nano roll out for the #TheChosenOnes:

After the plant visit, it was time for the Tata Nano Genx roll out. We assembled inside a big hall and Tata nano in different colors with a unique name for each family was rolled out.

Tata Nano GenX roll out, Sanand Plant, Gujarat

That was really a nostalgic and emotional moment for some of the family. I could see tears in eyes of some of them. They really felt proud when asked about how they felt?

tata Nano Genx The chosen Ones (8)

How a Tata Nano Genx Buyer felt?

They said they were feeling awesome and special from the moment they were invited by Tata motors for Tata nano Genx roll out event.

How a Tata Nano GenX Buyer feels

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They were proud of it. There was never a single moment they did not feel special about themselves. For sure they were #TheChosenOnes

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New Features added to Tata Nano GenX:

  • Easy Shift gears (AMT)
  • Electric Power assisted steering
  • Bigger luggage space
  • Infinite motif design grill
  • Bluetooth powered musiv system

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More about the Sanand plant:

Sanand Tata nano plant is a zero waste plant and also has a big manmade lake where migratory birds flock in. I saw the pictures of the barren land it used to be before and the how beautiful Tata motors converted the land into. Salute to their endeavours.

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Lunch and Post lunch:

Special lunch was arranged for bloggers and buyers. We enjoyed, talked with each other, Asked them their experiences etc. Later in the evening, we boarded a flight to Bangalore. Overall, Tata Nano Genx event was something everyone should think forward to.

My personal Highlights from the this event experiences:

  • Remarkable staying facility
  • Very Good hospitality, at no point of time, I felt I was lost
  • Meeting the buyers who were seniors and old aged. It was very special to meet couples who were retired and married for over 40 years and bought tata Nano on their retirement money
  • Plant visit: A dream come true. Every single part of a vehicle being assembled in front of eyes was something very luckier ones get to see
  • Food: Simply awesome
  • Overall experience: Wanna experience again 🙂

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