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There has been a lot of technological advancements in recent years. We saw many of the e-commerce site moving over to mobile app and shutting down their desktop version of sites. Not to be denied, mobile apps have given an edge of booking platforms on the move. However, booking hotels, bus tickets and even flight tickets are still not so popular among mobile apps. I had the same notion until I got introduced to cleartrip android app.

I thought why not to write a review of this booking app so that more people could know about this flawless app and they can also harness the features of this app by actually booking tickets and hotels from this app, not just by checking prices and finally moving back to desktop version of the site to book tickets or hotels. Lets start with different features one by one:

Flight booking

What a user hates the most is typing a lot in mobile apps. But cleartrip app has auto-complete and a list of suggestions for destinations while booking. The best part I liked was the I just had to click once on the name of a city and it was selected. Moreover, it uses GPS location to find out your current location. That means it suggests locations based on your current location.

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Picking up numbers while booking a ticket:

Entering number and then validating them on mobile is of course a cumbersome task. What cleartrip android app has provided is again no need of using a keyboard and just selecting your desired number of travellers. And you are done.

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Besides all those features mentioned above which necessarily reduces the user’s effort in manually entering the data, it also has got a filter feature where you can filter or adjust your preferences based upon number of stops, departure time, airlines types etc.

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Hotel booking on Cleartrip app:

Well, there would always be a lot of questions over our mind when we want to book a hotel in a new city. For example:

  • How far am I from city center?
  • How far is the central railway station?
  • How far is the airport?

To implicitely counter these untold situations for a user, clear trip uses your precise current location and suggests really nearest hotel. I personally found out that some of the nearest hotels were not even 100 meters away from my location. That means there is no need to carry your backpacks and walk on the streets looking out for hotels according your budget because you already know your budget and also, you already know your hotel in the app.
Also, apart from just the distance, you can also filter out hotels based upon rating, savings and price. Cool feature! is not it?

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A hotel detail on cleartrip android mobile app:

The story does not end here. So, once you select a hotel, you get to know more than needed information about that hotel. Well, you never know which information you might need when.

Overview of the hotel:

So, once a hotel is selected on the app, you first get to see the overview of that hotel. That means you see a summary of that hotel. You do not need to scroll through a lot of pages to know the each and every detail of that hotel. In short, overview of a hotel on cleartrip app shows you rating, reviews, check in time, check out time, number of room, number of floors, different facilities like parking, wifi, restaurant, drinks, TV, 24 hour check in, laundry etc.

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Photos of a hotel:

You can also surf through the picture of the hotel from dining room to suites to double rooms to swimming pool. So, within seconds, you already know what features are suiting your needs.

Details of a hotel:

This part of the app gives a description of the overview of the hotel. You can read about the hotel, bar facilities and different facilities like swimming pool, business center, coffee shop, roomservice even ari conditioner, gym etc. These are the some of the parts of hotel booking which are ignored by the booking platforms as well as by the users. People think about these facilities only when once the booking has been done in hurry and when they have got peaceful mind, they start checking out for the facilities. So why not first take a look at facilities and then book the hotel.


You can also read the review about the hotel; what people has to say about the hotel with different ratings.

It’s not over yet. I decided to write my part in the end. I am more into offbeat traveling into the nature. Yes, my travel is more like hiking, staying into cottages etc. And I was really happy to find such feature on this app called Gateways:

Weekend Gateways

Yes, you can find weekend gateways from your city of you are not into city traveling or on business meeting. I searched for weekend gateways from Bangalore and I was really happy that cleartrip android app listed most of the weekend gateways I was hoping and looking for like coorg, wayanad, Bandipur, Chikmagalur etc. Well, in case you are not able to find what you are looking for then you must adjust your search preference. The best part of adjusting seach preference was selecting type of destination like adventure, historical, pilgrimage, hill station, beach, urban escape etc. If you ask me personally I was looking for the adventure one and I was happy to see the listing under adventure gateways.

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Overall feedback of cleartrip android mobile app:

  • It saves a lot of time of yours because it suggests you almost exactly what you are looking for.
  • It also saves your typing effort which I personally hate so much on mobile because they take time and are more prone to errors.
  • Speed of the app is flawless and smooth. It minimizes clicks or data entry and within few seconds, you will be checking out.

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