Kudremukh Trek Guide: Homestay & Trekking Route Map

Kudremukh trek is a part of Kudremukh national park in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. Kudremukh is the third highest peak after Mullayanagiri and Bababudangiri. Kudremukh trekking information is given in full details below:

[su_note]Updated: Due to ongoing forest fire the forest officials denied permission. They suggested to come back once the monsoons starts., as reported recently[/su_note]

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How to reach Kudremukh trek base?

Reaching for Kudremukh trek base by private Vehicle:

It is recommended that if you want to go for Kudremukh trek, prefer to go by a private vehicle because of the location of the Kudremukh trek. On google maps, search for “Balagal Bus Stop, State Highway 66, Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka 577124“, you will get a direct route map from your place. From the Balagal bus stop, a raw trail goes to the Mullodi village which is the base of the Kudremukh Trek. Mullodi village is a small village of around 5o houses and there are also a couple of homestays there.

Kudremukh Balagal to Mullodi village by jeep

Kudremukh Balagal to Mullodi village by jeep

Reaching for Kudremukh trek base by Public transport:

Get a bus to Kalasa. From Kalasa, get into any bus which goes towards Kudremukh town but remember to get down at Balagal town. Once you reach Balagal, you can hire a jeep from Balagal bus stand to Mullodi village which is the base village of the Kudremukh trek. The jeep charges around 700 rupees until Mullodi village. Keep the contact number of the Jeep driver because you will again need the jeep to return to Balagal town after doing the trek.

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Kudremukh base Homestay Accommodation at Mullodi:

There are a couple of Homestays in Mullodi village sometimes referred as Mullodi House. These homestays offer stays for 600/ person which includes meals and warm water. Given below are the phone numbers of Mullodi Homestays:
Rajegowda (Mullodi House): 08263-249333 / 09481179008
Satish: 08263-249595 / 9481074530 / 8722847688

Kudremukh Mullodi house of Raje Gowda

Kudremukh Trekking Information:

Kudremukh trek distance: 9 Km (One side)
Kudremukh peak height: 6050 feet
Time to trek: 4 to 5 hours (one side)
Camping: Not allowed
Trekking permission fee: 475/ person (Near Balagal Bus stand)

Since Kudremukh trek is a part of Kudremukh national park, camping inside the reserve forest is not allowed in the night. Kudremukh trekking permission has to be taken in the Balagal town itself. You can ask anyone about the forest department building. It is nearer to the bus stand.

Kudremukh permission at balagal village on NH 66(The permission is taken at the blue hut in the picture above at Balagal)

Once you reach to Mullodi, you can get fresh at Raje Gowda’s house. Please make sure you call well in advance and make your booking. Since there is no night camping at the peak so, one need not carry cooking vessels or cooking stuff to cook at the top. The clever is to order food at the village. They sometimes can pack lunch for you too. On demand, hot water is also available.
There is not need of carrying much water. Y
ou will walk along a water stream initially so, nearer to the top there is a small water stream which you can clearly see on the way.

Kudremukh along the water stream

Try to avoid monsoon season because the Kudremukh trek would be full of leeches. After monsoon, whole of the terrain is full of greenery. Thus its better to start in mid-sept. However, grasses start to die from November and sometimes the sun could be little warmer in Nov/Dec. Take a look at the weather report before leaving.

Kudremukh peak

Kudremukh Route map details:

From To Distance Difficulty time
 Mullodi  Lobo House  4.5 kms  easy  1 hour
 Lobo house  Zig-zag starting point  2.5 kms  moderate  1 hour
 zig-zag starting point  Zig-zag end point  1 km  moderate  30 min
 Zig-zag end point  Peak/ Top  1.5 km  Difficult  1 hour

You can also download the Kudremukh trek route map on your device using google offline map. You can use the same offline map using GPS to keep tracking of the Kudremukh trek. In the google map search for “Kudremukh Peak, Mularahalli, Karnataka 574230, Balagal Mullodi Rd, Karnataka 577124” from Mullodi, select the walking option and you will see the whole Kudremukh trail. While trekking, you can keep on using GPS to track if you are walking on the correct trail or not. Here is a video on How to download google offline map.

Lobo house, KudremukhLobo house on the way

Kudremukh trekking board signA signboard showing the road towards Kudremukh in Balagal


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  1. Rajesh

    Now you have a better place to stay – Shola Heights. Clean good rooms and great food. They will even pick and drop you from the bus stand. Will arrange for packed food and different treks also.

  2. Vignesh

    Thanks for all the necessary information. If we r trekking on a public holiday, how to get permission from the forest department ? Can wr get the permission a day before or two ?

  3. Bharathi

    Hi Ram, Got to know all the info about the trek. Thanks a lot 🙂 Just to know, which homestay is best among the two (Rajegowda or Satish). ??

  4. sudhakar reddy

    Hi where we have to stay after coming from trek…..what does basecamp means…who will arrange those base camps and per how many members one base camp and how much it costs…could u please provide this information…

  5. Deepali

    Does the permit fee of 275 still hold the same. On recent enquiry a person told me it’s 475

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Ram,

      It is absolutely possible to walk to Mullodi from there. But the walk would consume most of your time. I would better recommend you to take a vehicle. Because Kilometers on the plain does not make sense when you are intended to go for the trekking. It will not only consume your time but also make you tired.

  6. Nou

    Where to park the car at Balagal village ? planning self drive from bangalore and stay at Base camp..

    • Prasad ARN

      ON the main road where you take the jeep to mullodi, there is plenty of place and since this is a tourist place I dont see any issue with you parking next to the road. Plus they have couple of shops who arrange for the jeep..you can ask them to look out once in a while or you can park in front of the shop itself


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