Mullayanagiri trek to bababudangiri from sarpadhari & camping

Get full Mullayanagiri Trekking information – From Sarpadhari to Mullayanagiri peak Shiva temple to Bababudangiri and return to Chikmagalur.

Mullayanagiri Trek News
During the monsoon season, the forest department has banned the Mullayanagiri Trek. This might be in the wake of the two trekkers being lost on the Mullayangiri Trek the same time last year. For more details here is the link

About Mullayanagiri Trek: 

The highest peak of Karnataka in Nilgiris range in Chikmagalur district with height of 6330 feet/ 1930 meters. The highest peak between Himlayas and Nilgiris range in western Ghats.

Location: Chikmagalur district in Western Karnataka in Western Ghats

Permission: Not needed
Guide: Not required

Mullayanagiri peak?

Buses from Banglore to Chikamagaluru : 

1. Volvo Merc-Benz Buses (Journey time: 4.5 hours):
Timings – 22:27,18:06, 23:40
Fair: Rs 390

2. RajaHamsa Buses (Journey time: 6 hours):
Timings – 22:30,23:00,23:30
Fair: 303

3. Karnataka Sarige (Journey time: 6.5 hours):
Timings – 19:02,20:59,22:33,23:31
Fair : 187 

Mullayanagiri trekking Routes:

Route 1: You can directly go to Mullayanagiri Shiva temple by your vehicle and start your trek to bababudangiri from mullayanagiri shiva temple peak.

The Vehicle stops before and you have to climb stairs to the top

Mullayanagiri by vehicle

How to reach Mullayanagiri Shiva temple from Chikmagalur?

Route 1:
By Road.

Route 2:
You can trek to Mullayanagiri Shiva temple from Sarpadhari and then continue your trek to bababudangiri. Mark this gate in the photo from where the trek begins.

Mullayanagiri Sarpadhari trek beginning point

How to reach Sarpadhari and start trek to Mullayanagiri Shiva temple?

From Chikmagalur starts towards Bababudangiri. Near Kaimara, take left turn (8 kms from Chikmagalur). You will see a Y intersection. The road in the left goes to mullayanagiri peak (direct road to the peak ). But, If you want to trek to the Mullayanagiri peak, then move further 500 mts ahead. You will find small arch iron gate to your left. It’s Sarpadhari, the trek starting point. Sarpadhari. Sarpadhari is kannada word which means path like a snake, ‘sarpa’ stands for snake and ‘dhari’ for way.

From Chikmagalur to Sarpadhari (15 Kms):

You can also hire jeep/Auto from Chikmagalur to Sarpadhri, from where the trek starts to Mullayanagiri Shiva temple.

Auto charges for 3/4 persons: Rs 250.
Trek Difficulty:  Easy to Moderate

 SarpaDhari to Mullayangiri peak trail:

Mullayanagiri to BabaBudangiri trail (Via Manikhyadhara waterfalls):

Mullayanagiri Trek Distance:

Sarpadhari to Mullayanagiri peak: 3 Kms (3-4 Hours)
Mullayanagiri Shiva temple to Bababudangiri: 10 Kms (5-6 Hours)

Best Time to Trek: September to February.

Camping at Mullayangiri trek:

– At the top there is a shiva temple. One can stay there overnight. The temple priest is very helpful. There are no toilet or cooking facilities.

Mullayanagiri to Bababudangiri:

Mullayanagiri to bababudanagiri trek routeMullayanagiri to bababudangiri trek route trail

Is it possible to cover Sarpadhari to Mullayanagiri to bababudangiri in a single day?

Yes, its possible. Provided the day is clear and its not raining.

Is there any landmark where the trail to bababudangiri crosses the highway?

Yes, there is a checkpost over there.

Can I camp at the Mullayanagiri peak?

yes, you can. carry your tent and sleeping bag. Sometimes, it might get windy during monsoon. Be prepared for that and you might not find dry woods for campfire or cooking dinner.

Where can I camp at bababudangiri?

You can camp at either Manikhayadhara waterfalls if you have your own tent or rent the private camping space at bababudanairi. (check online for this)

Is it safe for girls?

Yes, it is. Make sure you have some male-mates with you too.

Any suggestion to spend two days there?

You can start for mullayanagiri in afternoon. Stay overnight at the peak and next day trek to bababudangiri and return.

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50 thoughts on “Mullayanagiri trek to bababudangiri from sarpadhari & camping

  1. Guruprasad

    Hi. I’m planning on trekking only till the mullayanagiri peak and follow the same route down. Is that advisable? Will I get some transportation back to chickmangalur from sarpadari?

  2. Abishek Kumar

    I came to know that camping is not allowed in Mullayangiri or Bababudangiri. Can you please let me know if you have any idea about anyone did camping recently. Few weeks back we went to Mullayangiri for bike ride and wanted to go again for camping.

  3. Vikas


    We are planning to trek this weekend (30 oct 2016). we are planning to leave mysore early morning at 5 and will be reaching the base point round 8 am. Somewhere you mentioned that now a days they are not allowing to trek after some point. Is it possible to trek now.?

    Is it possible to complete the trek by 3 pm if we reach base camp early morning around 8 am..??

    Is there any safe place to park 4 wheeler near the base camp..??

    • trekkerp Post author

      There is a forest department office midway. It depends on the forest department guide. I wish he allows you guys to go further. Yeah, completing the trek by 3 PM is possible provided you walk fast and do not take long breaks. I hope you have a small number of people in your trekking group. It is safe there. But I am wondering how will return to the trek starting point?

  4. Mohan

    Is it possible to finish the entire trek from sarpadhari to bababudangiri and catch bus from chikkamagaluru in a single day?

  5. Stalin Rajkumar

    Can you please guide use on how to get back to chikmagalur once we reach the end of the trek at at afternoon at bababudangiri?

  6. chethancrasher

    Highly Informative. We are planning to head towards Mullyanagiri during september could you please clarify few questions mentioned below.

    1. Is there any trekking charges involved from Sarphadari to Bababudangiri?
    2. Do we have any (transit) BUS facilities to return back from Bababudangiri to Chikamagaluru back on the same day?
    3. What would be the ideal time to start from Chikamagaluru to complete the whole trek in one single day.
    4. Any idea on transit from kemmanagundi to chikkamagaluru (viceversa)? since we are planning to cover up some local places at kemmanagundi a day before we start trekking.

    • trekkerp Post author

      1. You might have to pay the guard in between when you cross the main road otherwise there is no any trekking charge
      2. There are not any bus facilities you might to book an auto to Mullayanagiri or a jeep may be and the same while returning from bababudangiri
      3. start as early as possible… road to Mullayanaigir forest reserve open at 6 in the morning to try to stick to that time before that you cant enter anyway
      4. No idea about the last question and I do not think there is any transit.. maybe local buses

  7. Garima


    Do we have to take the same trail while coming down? And then how do we go from starting point of sarpdhari to Chikmanglur?

    • trekkerp Post author

      So you take the permission almost on the half way near the forest department office which is half way across. Now a days, due to monsoon and an unfortunate incident which happened last year at the same time, they might not give you the permission to trek further. For more clarifications, go through the blog again. You will get to know what am I meaning to say?

  8. Jeeshan

    Is permission required to camp by ourselves
    With our own night time in mullayanagiri….

  9. Mahesh

    Western Ghats Adventure club in Chikmagalur. Organizes trekking, camping, homestay to Mullayanagiri, bababudangiri hills. Their hospitality is awesome and over nite camping in a coffee estate is an awesome experience. Any one willing can contact them @ 9008899008.

  10. varun

    Can u plz tell us. If camping is allowed on mullayanagiri. And I heard tat we cnt put d tent bcoz of heavy wind. Can u guide me plz. I m also planning fr 2nyt stay. Where all cn I go fr trekking.

    • trekkerp Post author

      Yeah, you can camp at mullayanagiri but do not camp at the peak… camp just below the peak… yeah wind is very high always

  11. Vinod

    Ur info on d blog was useful..
    N v r planning to go tis Sept. Ten Of us by five bikes , so I needed to know where can v park our vehicles ?
    Is it safe ?
    V r planning to trekk til bababudangiri..
    Can v park vehicles at sarpadhari or near Shiva temple @ mullayanagiri peak ?

    N can v get any accommodations @ bababudhangiri fr d nyt ?

    • trekkerp Post author

      @Parking the bikes: Lets know something about the place.
      Sarpadhari begins from main road and its not a safe place.
      Shiv temple, Mullayanaigir peak: Yes, its a safe place to park the bike. Or,
      Seeth?layanagiri Temple: it comes 3-4 kms before Mullayanagiri peak. From this temple until Mullayanagiri peak the road is in not so good motorable condition. So if some car is there better park here. Bikers go until mullayanagiri peak. But I cant guarantee total safety if you are leaving your bike for 6-7 hours or even more than that

      Once you finish the trek, you will reach manikhayadhara waterfall… refer the map.. from there a road goes to bababudanagiri and further connects to other places…Manikhyadharra is 4-5 kms from bababudanagiri so.. either you can walk upto bababudanagiri or you can take some life from waterfall to bababudanagiri, you can find autos and bus….there will be lot of vehicles but mostly private like that happens at tourist spots but some will be public vehicles as well……

      @accomodation.. there is a guest house at bababudanagiri, I am sure of this but I dont know the exact location because I camped at manikhyadhara so never really needed however some other trekking group informed me about the cottage house.. so you can try that…

      coming back to bikes… I cant say much about the leaving bike at shiva temple for more than 12 hours… if you are planning soo

  12. karan

    This place is just wow.. superb pictures.. it feels awesome when you are there between the clouds..

  13. jyothsnacg

    Hi There,
    I am planning of doing this route between 25 and 26 July, i heard hat there is no camping allowed on Mullayangiri because it comes under the wildlife area!! will be great if you could share any latest update you would have on this.


  14. Chethan

    Any sort of permission is required from forest department if we wish to camp near the falls?

    • trekkerp Post author

      There is no permission needed. You take the permission once you cross the highway. That permission is only for trekking. Near the waterfall there is no need of permission. Its now a days almost a public area. In the day time, you can see people doing picnic and celebrating their days


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