Tadiandmol Trek Guide, Coorg

Tadiandmol, the highest peak of Coorg 5735 feet, is a trekking spot 275 Kms from Bangalore. Tadiandmol trekking details can be found in details below:

How to Reach Tadiandmol trek?

Search on Google maps for “Nalknad Palace, Nalknad Palace Road, Yevakapadi, Karnataka 571214“. You will see a driving route until there. You can drive your vehicle until there. Park you vehicle over there and from there onwards, start trekking on the same route for Tadiandmol trek. As such, there is no parking fee and vehicles are also safe there.

Tadiandmol Trekking information:

Tadiandmol Trek starting point is Nalknad Palace as mentioned above. Tadiandmol is a moderate level trek with trek distance of almost 6 Km one side. That means this trek can be easily covered in a single day if trekking is started early morning. Time to trek to the peak takes around 4 hours on the average. For Tadiandmol trek, there is no trek permission and no trekking fee is required. Most of the trail is wise and there is no chance to get lost. The trek is easy one. More trekking information on Tadiandmol trek is given in the picture below:

 Pictorial details of the Tadiandmol hiking trail:tadianmol trail details

Tadiandmol camping informtion:

It is not advisable to camp at the peak, as the peak really gets windy and also there is no water source at the top. As depicted in the picture above, pitch your tent near the big rock. A big rock comes almost half an hour before the Tadiandmol peak. There is also a water source over there. The rock provides shelter from the speedy winds and little bit from rain also.

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Other points to be taken care of while Camping:

– Be aware of elephants
– It might be very windy and rainy at the peak in monsoon
– There is no need of guide as the trail is self-evident
– Please go along with someone who has already been there

Tadindmol trekking Photos:

Tadianmol trek coorg (3) Tadianmol trek coorg (5) Tadianmol trek coorg (8)


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24 Replies to “Tadiandmol Trek Guide, Coorg”

  1. Shaili Trivedi

    Hi, I’m planning to do this trek around May 21. I came across an article that said prior permission needs to be taken before doing this trek. Is that the case?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Shaili Trivedi

      Could you also suggest another trek around this area? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Shaili,

      I went for this trek long ago… So I am not aware of the current situation now but until one month ago, permission was not needed.

  2. bittu

    What time is best for trekking Tadiandamol ? planning for March 2nd week, will it be a good experience ? Please advise ?

  3. Josh

    Thanks for the info
    Planning a trek there sometime this fortnight, with three of my mates.
    Is the information still relevant? Regarding permissions, fees, etc? And is camping allowed? Unlikely well be staying there, but just in case.
    And are there any bus routes or something such that can get me to a few miles of the start point?


  4. Rahul

    Hello Sir,

    First I would really like to thank you for the given piece of helpful information.

    Actually we (group of 4) planning to take this trek on next weekend. Kindly advise the possibility, Whether we should go or not, as its a monsoon period. And Do we need to take any kinda permission to enter.

    Thanks heaps in advance!

  5. Prabal Pegu

    First off, thanks for the detailed info. I do have some doubts of my own

    1) Where do we park our cars? Is that a parking space or someone’s home?
    2) Is there any water source near the “rock”?
    3) This is not a question, but which month would you suggest to be the best for camping?

    • trekkerp Post author

      You can park you vehicle at the end of the tar road. There is also a place called aramane palace school ground, you can also park there. Yes, there is a water source near the rock.
      camping is not allowed on this trek. But after monsoon, trekking is the best

  6. chandrakantha

    We are trekking tommorow… As we know this time very challeges of heavy rains, brain freezing cold.. Etc etc..

    • Rohan singh


      How does the trek in monsoon will be ? I saw the weather report and it says whole week it’s raining. We are even planning to put tent on the hill top. Please advice.

      • trekkerp Post author

        Hi Rohan,

        It is gonna be very rainy and windy as well. Some of my trekking mates who went there told that Tadiandmol received a lot of rainfall this year. Please do not pitch tent at the top since it would be very windy. Pitch nearer to the big rock just before the peak. You will get the reference in the blog. Wind should be lesser there. Also make sure tent is rain proof. Are you carrying Quechua T3 plus or Arpenaz Xl3 or some wildcraft tent? these are nice tents 🙂

  7. Nabeel

    Is it that dangerous to go alone for the first time? How is the possibility to find a group(to trek with) from there. I’ll planning to travel on a weekend in April.

    • trekkerp Post author

      It should not be dangerous alone but the possibility to find a trekking group to trek with is very less. There are some trekking companies who do organized trekking and operate from Bangalore on weekends to various peaks in western Ghats. You can search for them in Google, pay them and go for the trek.


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