Mussoorie-view shots:Natural beauty, hill, valley & green pines


Images and photographs of natural beauty of Mussoorie telling the story about different locations, mood of the weather, sunset point, Himalayan view, foggy climate lonely hills & different natural sightseeing locations around Mussoorie.

A foggy & dark day over valleys around MussoorieFoggy valley of Mussoorie

I took this picture of foggy valley in the month of January on the way to Landour, Mussoorie

A Garhwal village from Mussoorie

A remote village of Garhwal ranges in lower Himayas

This picture of a remote Garhwal village was taken in the month of May from Lal Tibba, the highest point in Mussoorie.

Click here for more details of Lal Tibba from Libraray

Many of the daily workers like porters, rickshaw pullers and even small hut-shop keepers almost walk everyday to Mussoorie for their bread and butter. Garhwal villages are mostly not seen during winters due to foggy weather as you can see in the first picture.

A house estate outside Mussoorie  on top of a hillA mansion on the top of the hill from Company Gardens

This Picture of a lonely wooden mansion situated on top of the hill was taken on the way to company Gardens from Library. Mussoorie has been the summer capital of not only Britishers but also in modern days, its the summer gateway for rich people. They are mostly seen in summers spending vacations while the wooden mansion is guarded by the local people throughout the year mostly when inhabitants are not there.

A road leading to a valley in MussoorieA road leading to a near by Garhwal villages in the valleys around Mussoorie

On the way to clouds’end, this morning image was taken. Clouds’end is a resort situated at the Western most point.

Different shades of hills over sunset in MussoorieSunset over Mussoorie from Sunset point

From Sunset point near ITBP hill, this picture was shot showing the contrasting shades of the sunset over Mussoorie hill. You can also see the TV tower, located at the second-most highest point in Mussoorie. in Winter, Mussoorie displays the phenomena of ‘Winter-line’ which is rare. Winter line is a red line drawn in the sky along the horizon aorund Mussoorie in the west when sun sets in winter.

Foggy Mussoorie at NightDoma’s Inn on the foggy night, Mussoorie

On a cold winter and foggy night of Mussoorie, this foggy picture of Domma’s inn was taken in January. Doma’s inn offers a stay in Tibetan style unlike most of the modern stay places and Mussoorie and is famous for its Tiebtan dishes.

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Foggy woods, MussoorieFoggy woods along the mall road

It had rained that day and the weather suddenly turned thick and deep foggy after the rain on the mall road, Mussoorie. It was so dark and deep that nothing was visible beyond five to ten feet of distance. I was able to capture this black and white foggy woods along the mall road near picture palace in Mussoorie.

Himalayan peaks at dusk from MussoorieHimalayan view: snow peaks at sunset as seen from Mussoorie

If you want to take the look at the Himalayan peaks, the perfect climate would be summer when the air is thin and there is no foggy air to obstruct the view of lower Himalayan peaks from Mussoorie. I shot this high zoomed out shot from somewhere around on the way to company garden from library.

Lonely horses at night in MussoorieLonely Horses at library, Mussoorie

As cars are not allowed on the mall road, horses & rickshaw forms the major way of seeing the hill station and the view points to Doon valley.

Lonely street of Mussoorie at nightLonely midnight street of Mussoorie

Hunger for the delicious pancake of Chaaardukaan, a famous place in Mussoorie, almost compelled us to walk to the Chaar dukaan for pancake in the night. While returning, we were walking along some old cemetery from British time. Saurav, the other guy, had studied in Mussoorie for years and while walking alone in the midnight of cold winter, he was also sharing some ghost stories. That was really a spine chilling experience.

Old MussoorieLandour and the old Mussoorie

Landour is the oldest part of Mussoorie. When British came to Mussoorie, the settlement began from this area. This photo was taken on the way to Gun-hill point which is famous for Himalayan view of snow peaks. One can still see the old buildings, tin roofs, wooden architecture in the town of Landour. For a moment, it would feel like you are in some old town of England.

Outside Mussoorie in summerTibetan prayer flags entangled to a dry tree on the way to george Everest Mussoorie 

  While on the way to George Everest, Mussoorie, I shot this picture. You can see the Tibetan prayer flags entangled to a dry tree. Prayer flags when flip up are believed to be taking divine blessings through the sky from the God and when it flips down it is believed to send message across earth along with the wind. George Everest is names after Sir George Everest, a great surveyor. Today, the place called ‘George Everest’ named after him holds the remnants of his laboratory. Even the highest peak Everest is named after him.

Click here to knw more about St. George Everest, Mussoorie from Library

Prayer flags and two lonely trees at dusk, MussoorieTwo lonely trees and prayer flags at the dusk at George Everest, Mussoorie

I took this shot when I had reached at the George Everest. There is a proper walking way to this place through wishing well, another famous place or one can also drive motors up to there.

Thick forests and Mussoorie in BackgroundDense pine hills and Mussoorie in background

This shot was snapped from the Lal tibba, the highest point in Mussoorie. The thick pine covering in the foreground is called ‘Wolfsburn estate’. One can walk to the Lal Tibba or simple go there by a vehicle.

Valley in Mussoorie at duskSome Unknown place of Mussoorie

I shot this pic when I was on-foot exploration of the Mussoorie. I do not excatly know its location.


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