Auroville beach, Pondicherry: Sunrise, cottages & Photos

Auroville beach, pondicherry, open all the time, is famous for being calm, bamboo cottages and quiet  turtle walk along the beach during sunrise.

Pondicerry ECR Sunrise Auroville beachSunrise at Auroville Beach Pondicherry

After getting down at the main bus stand, we decided to take an auto-rickshaw to the beach. Although while coming from Chennai, one can directly get down at Auroville beach itself because the beach is the first point of the city of Pondicherry, that’s gets encountered. Since it was Christmas and new year time, it was getting harder for us to get a cottage at reasonable price. After walking around and inquiring at almost every hut, we finally got settled for Rs. 200/ night at a cottage facing the beach. After putting in our bags, we decided to explore the area a little bit more.

Aquarium at the cottage Aquarium at the cottage

Soon, we were asked by the owner if we would like to avail his catering facilities. Most of the times, dishes offered at the cottages are fresh fishes and shrimps brought from the sea. I am a vegetarian and I had to decline his offer. It was a perfect afternoon and we decided to soak our selves in the bay of Bengal. Soon we were in our shorts and we were ready to enter inside the bay of Bengal.

Bay of Bengal

The sand of Auro beach is coarse sand and sometimes when you are pushed down by the waves, the sand becomes abrasive. However, we did not realize that due to the warmth of the fun at the beach.  Read About Paradise island beach and Chunnambar backwaters boating in Pondicherry

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 As the evening approached, beach got more crowded. Auro beach, unlike other near by beaches, does not change its topography with the time and remains even so, it becomes easier to take dip in the sea and find yourself standing at an even ground. With the  afternoon approaching the waves start roaring and getting higher. However, still the sun was bright in the sky and sand was still warm.

Fun at auro beach

After having loads of fun, we decided to retreat to our cottages. Most of the cottages serve warm water on demand. After changing our clothes, we went out to see the city at the night.

The Bamboo cottages or huts:

After paying 200 per night for four persons for a bamboo cottage, it was time to settle in. The cottage was a bamboo cottage supported by four bamboo columns fixed in the ground. A bamboo stairway leads to the cottage. A cottage has the basic facility of light, a fan, a mosquito-net or mosquito-repellents along with light weight sheets and mattresses. After having dinner, we again took a walk at the Auro beach. It was dark and nothing could be heard or seen except the roar of the sea-waves. Around 10 in the night, we returned to our cottages. The wind was high and waves were really making a lot of sound. Since, we were tired, it did not take us long to sleep under the cold breeze from the sea sipping in our cottage through the bamboo pores. There were a lot of mosquitoes and  along with applying mosquito-repellent cream, we had to put on the repellent bars to save our selves from the mosquitoes. But as the night dropped in, there were lesser traces of mosquitoes.

Cottages at Auro beachBamboo cottages as seen from the Auro beach

Sunrise at next morning:

It was colder in the morning while winds were still high. We decided to, then and there, go to the beach to watch the sunrise. There were not so many people on the beach except the local fishermen and some visitors. It looked like we were too early but on the other hand, it also gave us a lot of time to walk along the lonely shore for length. The shore was full of sea-shells washed away by the high tides of the night. In the night, the tides fall back while shells remain lying untouched at the beach.

Turtle walk during sunriseShells lying on the Auro beach before sunrise

 We also saw some fisherman settling down their fishing nets and venturing into the sea for fishing. It was also fun to watch our own steps getting left behind on the lonely Auro beach before the sunrise.

Fisherman getting ready in the morningFisherman at the Auroville beach


Sunrise at Auro beach is fully captivating and breath-taking. One can not take his eyes of until the sun is seen coming out of the clouds. Along with the changing colors of the sun, everything around us changes its color, be it the waves, the water, the sand, the sky or the clouds. And its, mesmerizing to watch how the beam of sun-rays appear out of the sky and kiss the ocean.

sunrise at auro beachSunrise at Auro beach

How long I stayed watching the sun appearing out of the clouds, I do not remember. For some time, it’s totally a different world. It was not a surprise to see, more and more people gathering to watch the sunrise and we decided to move on to the lonelier part of the Auro beach.

Palms along the beachPalm trunks along the beach

After enjoying the sunrise at the beach, we decided to return to our cottage and see the city. After getting freshen up, we had our breakfast prepared by the owner and we left for the city.  Read About City beach and the Old harbour

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Morning breakfast under the cottage

fishing nets and boats at PondyAn abadoned fishing boat and net in the cottage complex

At Auro beach:
– Regular prices for cottages are around 250 per 24 hour stay and is further negotiable
– Watch the sunrise
– Do not venture much deeper along the beach in the night
– Take a turtle walk before the sunrise on bare foot
– Try local dishes made by the fisherman or the cottage owner
– Go to Auroville village, 4-5 Kms from, the beach


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