Mussoorie: library to landour to lal tibba

Warmth of sun under cool breeze; dark lonely woods; aloof ridges; silent echoing valley; see Mussoorie from the highest point.

Have you ever been to Mussoorie? You must have enjoyed the warmth of the sun, cold winds, lonely woods, tall pines, dense spruces, silent valley and aloof ridges.
Have you ever been to the highest point of Mussoorie? Let me take you to the Lal tibba and the places around the Wolfburn estate, St.peters: Another part of Mussoorie almost 5-7 Kms from library where, it is said that, celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar, Shahrukh khan take a stroll away from the hectic Mussoorie.

With great entrance into some classy town of old England marked with roof tins, circuitous and congested but clean-cold streets, small windows, chimney on roofs etc. the same streets would have never been so mesmerizing again. When picture palace is left behind ascending up along the way gets tougher.  Sweating under cold winds from Garhwal valleys beside you. Town is left behind and fewer humans are seen on the way. Yeah, if you ask me, then there would be very few tourists preferring to walk along this route (most of them prefer taxi from Library to Lal Tibba) nonetheless walking had its own charm.

With a Desi burger in my hand and equipped with water bottle and camera, we kept on walking up the street. Initially, it was warm but as we ascended up it began to get cooler.
Woods were darker, colder and groundbreaking silence was prevailing there.
– Pleasing.

Lonely streets after LandourLonely streets after Landour

This part of Mussoorie (called Landour) is mostly occupied by personal villas and huts.
We kept walking. We kept on wondering about woods. We kept on wondering about weather and air. And, soon we were at Chaardukan near St. Paul’s Church.

St. Paul's ChurchSt. Paul’s Church, Mussoorie

We decided not to stop at chaardukan as Lal Tibba is just 10 minutes of walk from there.

Mussoorie from Lal TibbaMussoorie from Lal Tibba

Though we reached at the top but we were not so lucky to see Shivalik ranges of mountains. Since, it was summer and visibility was restricted nonetheless missing Shivalik ranges was compensated by awesomeness of weather.
We chose a corner to sit and enjoyed the nice view that Mussoorie gave across the valley.
At one side of the Lal Tibba was Mussoorie and at other side was, Shivalik mountains and Garhwal hills.

The serenity was high there as were the peace.
The breeze carried the smell of woods.
Pines and spruces welcomed us with their conifer leaves.
Valleys sent us a special cold breezes.
Mussoorie was distant apart and so were Shivaliks.
It was a place where you can talk with your own and realize the presence of life.

There was complete silence. Only thing which was disturbing the silence was the whispering of wind. Winds were enchanting the prayers in our ears. There was so much to wonder about.

-The woods
-The lonely streets
-The loneliness inside
– Distant mountains and so on…

How we spent two hours was like a miracle being witnessed live. We decided to return as I had to pick my brother after his school hours too. We returned but we chose the path which goes to Kellogg’s memorial church and from there we would go to Chaardukaan to have something.

Behind St. Paul's- The most lonely street of MussoorieBehind St. Paul’s Church

The most lonely street of MussoorieThis street is said to be the loneliest street of Mussoorie. The tea-shopkeeper said us that sometimes celebrities would walk along these streets to avoid huge fan rush and have their own favorite time in Mussoorie.
Someone said it was favorite walking spot of Sachin Tendulkar too.
That must be because it was full of nice views of valleys and it was so peaceful.

Within 20 minutes we reached Kellogg Memorial Church.
I thought of going inside the church but now they run a school in there.
From this church, chaardukaan is just a km down the street. And believe me walking down amid lonely street was itself fun too.

At Kellogg Memorial ChurchAt Kellogg Memorial Church

The heaven was under our feet as well as above our heads too. The lazy afternoon and lonely streets were close to eternity. Dry mosses along the standing walls and warm sun in cold winds were making the perfect ambiance of remembering something for a lifetime. We kept walking and we kept wondering. We reached chaardukaan.

ChaardukanChaardukan (Famous for Pancakes)

And ordered a pancake.



 So how to reach there?

Library -> walk along mall road -> take a left at picture palace -> keep on walking and ask for Lal Tibba route -> chaardukaan -> Lal Tibba

What to see the way along?

Dense and old woods, Pines, Oaks, Spruces, Deodars, dry mosses clinging with the wall and a variety of wild flowers found at higher altitude
Shoe makers of Landour, Old Mussoorie culture, archaic houses, tin roofs, chimney, Century-old shops and Garhwali culture.

St. Paul’s church, Kellogg memorial Church, Chaardukaan (Famous for western dishes)
Most importantly you are going to a place where celebrities take a peace walk

Either you can prefer walking or go by taxi.

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