Bodh Gaya: Mahabodhi temple, Bodhi tree, 80 feet Buddha & Monasteries

Bodhgaya: Peaceful land of Buddha

-A world heritage site, rich in culture where you can find more Buddhist than Hindus; 12 kms away from hustling Gaya; rich in monasteries and temples with Falgu (Niranjana) river flowing beside.

The journey from Gaya to Bodhgaya:

-An old crowded and narrow city; where sometimes cyclists overtake you because it’s a narrow city; honking is the only way of communication on streets; people stare at you if you are seen with non-Indians

-Grizzly dusty and muddy roads passing through old houses and touching every temples at almost each corner, rushy market with unguided traffic with a lot of cyclists and tempos shouting in abuzz to attract passengers.

-There are more things to wonder around than to see around. People in traditional outfits; Old and rustic sweet shops (Tilkut, Anarasa- most famous and delicious sweets); rushy road and careless people.
But, if you take your eyes off the streets and try to look around then there are hills (with little greenery), dry river, sacred and dirty ponds relating to the times of Ramayana and warm sun always over your head.

-By the time, we kept wondering around while moving in our vehicle, about odd stuffs around and glancing at city life running the way around, our vehicle was then running on highway to Bodhgaya. City was left behind.

Falgu river along the way from gaya to BodhgayaNiranajna aka Falgu river along the way from Gaya to Bodhgaya 

City life ends, countryside life begins. Big green fields, vegetable farms, a river running along the highway, distant hills reflecting the sun galore, less than middle class people.
More cyclist and old vehicles but a classy place taking you back decades behind the development that our city has witnessed.

Before you reach the land of peace, you can feel the authentication of peace from a distance. A divine peace was getting restored in our mind as we were approaching Bodhgaya. Although the river, along which we were running, remains dry for most part of the year but, passion that it carries across the land of Buddha in her little patches of cool and serene water can be felt with closed eyes and breeze washing your face all along the highway.

The journey of 12 kms passed by like a dream flashed before our eyes. And, the vibes could be felt then when we entered the land of Buddha. So, the first thing that we did was to visit the main temple.

The Mahabodhi TempleThe Mahabodhi Temple

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  1. Debosmita

    A wonderful description of Gaya. Thank you for sharing it. Established in the year of 1865, Gaya is a city of ancient historical and mythological significance. There are many places to visit in Gaya which are mentioned in the great epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata. It also known as Bodh Gaya is one of the major tourist attractions of Bihar as mentioned in the post.


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